Thursday, May 8, 2008

Carolina Sauce Newsletter: May BBQ Sauce Sale & Other Specials!

May is National Barbeque Month, and the Carolina Sauce Company is celebrating by saving YOU money on finger-lickin' good BBQ sauces, dry rubs, marinades and more! Simply order any of the following products now through May 31st and enter the coupon code "News508" to get 10% off the product price - no minimum purchase required!

BBQ and Grilling Sauces
*All three flavors of Bear-Man Barbecue & Dipping Sauces, thick, rich gourmet BBQ Sauces that pack a full, multilayered flavor -- in bold Black Bear Boogie, hearty Growlin' Grizzly, and sweet/spicy Sap Happy Golden Bear Maple Sauce
*Bone Suckin' Sauce Hot and Bone Suckin' Sauce Hot Thicker: tangy western NC style BBQ Sauces with a hot & spicy KICK - and they come with free recipes!
*Bog Bottom BBQ Sauce, a sweet, tangy, slightly spicy/smoky BBQ Sauce from the makers of Carolina Swamp Sauce
*Carolina Treet Original Cooking Barbeque Sauce, a versatile BBQ Sauce you can use out on your grill or in the kitchen on the stove
*Cool Hawg Grilling Sauces in Original and Hot & Spicy, unique NC BBQ sauces made with a thick mustard-tomato base, with a bit of tang, smoke & spice
*Both flavors of Dinosaur BBQ Sauce from Syracuse, NY: the fiery Habanero Wango Tango and the sweet & zesty Roasted Garlic Honey BBQ Sauce
*Duplin's Finest BBQ Sauce, a genuine eastern NC vinegar-based BBQ Sauce that's not too spicy but has plenty of vinegar tang
*Durham Bulls Triple Play BBQ Sauce, a vinegar & tomato Piedmont NC style BBQ Sauce from the famous Durham Bulls minor league baseball team featured in the movie "Bull Durham"
*George's Special BBQ Sauce, a vinegar-tomato based NC sauce with a jalapeno kick - comes with recipes!
*Greg's Happy Sauce, an award-winning grilling sauce, marinade and cooking sauce that comes with lots of recipes!
*Greg's Hot 'n Bothered Sauce, the hot and spicy version of Happy Sauce and a Scovie Award winner - limited quantities available!
*Kepley's Downhome BBQ Sauce, a sweet & tangy vinegar & tomato NC barbeque sauce
*Ole Time Barbecue Sauce, a tangy & savory NC vinegar-tomato BBQ sauce that's great on pork, beef & chicken
*Ole Time Hot Sauce, a traditional eastern NC vinegar & hot pepper BBQ sauce that's perfect on pulled pork, collards and more
*Scott's Back-Yard Pit BBQ Sauce, a spicy, tomato-rich NC BBQ Sauce that's great on ribs and chicken
*Both flavors of Smithfield's Chicken & Bar-B-Q Sauce from the famous Smithfields BBQ chain: the original vinegar-based "House Hot" Bar-B-Q Sauce and the sweeter & thicker Grilling & Dipping Sauce
*Thomas Sauce, a Piedmont NC sauce made from an old family recipe
*Wells All Purpose Rib & Chicken Sauce, a sweet & tangy, slightly spicy tomato-vinegar sauce with a touch of mustard and smoke

*Sunfire Original Marinade & Sauce, a zippy red vinegar marinade that adds gourmet flavor to meats, chicken seafood & veggies, and comes with a recipe brochure!
*Sunfire Garlic Marinade & Sauce, with the same gourmet red vinegar recipe as the original, plus a healthy helping of garlic to add zesty flavor to anything!

Dry Rubs & Seasonings
*Both flavors of Adams Rib Rubb, sweet & spicy full-flavored tenderizing rubs made in NC, in Original and Ultimate (spicier)
*Bad Byron's Butt Rub, an authentic Texas barbecue rub
*Bear-Man Tummy Rub, a sweet & savory gourmet seasoning from upstate New York
*Pepper Dog Dry Rub, a smoky southwestern-style all-natural rub from NC
*Pig Pen's Original Seasoning, a savory-spicy NC rub for ribs, chicken and more
*All 4 flavors of Pluto's Caribbean Bliss Spice Blends, in Mild, Original Hot, Fiery Hottest, and Salt-Free
*Southern Twang Dry Rub, an award-winning sweet & savory rub with a touch of citrus

*Pit Road Apron, a racing-themed sturdy grilling apron from the makers of Pit Road BBQ Sauce, with 2 roomy pockets - Free Shipping!

Remember to use coupon code "News508" to get 10% off when ordering any of the above products. Don't delay - the savings end on May 31st, or when supplies run out, whichever occurs first!

Support the Troops and Get Free Sauce!

Operation Sauce Drop is our non-profit project to send FREE gift boxes of sauce to US military personnel stationed abroad. The troops really appreciate the gift boxes, as you can see from our feedback page. At the time of this writing, we've sent gift boxes to more than 150 servicemen and women, thanks to the generosity of our donors. The problem is, we currently have a waiting list of 98 servicemen and women waiting for a gift box (some waiting since December), but we are all out of money! Here's how you can you help, and receive a FREE GIFT for yourself: Simply make a donation of $5 or more through May 31st, and include the term "NewsOSD508" in the COMMENT section of your order form (or in an email to us if you donate separately). We'll email you a Carolina Sauce Company Discount Coupon for 10% off your next product order, good through Dec. 31, 2008, to thank you for your donation. But wait, there's more: If you make a donation of $5 or more and also order at least 1 product from our online store, we'll send you the Discount Coupon AND a FREE, full-size bottle of Greg's Happy Sauce (with recipes!), our nationally acclaimed all-purpose marinade, grilling & cooking sauce. But remember to include the comment "NewsOSD508" with your order and donation -- it's the only way we'll know to send you your free gift!

Latest New Products AND More Savings

Bear-Man Tummy Rub is a sweet and spicy gourmet dry rub and seasoning that's mouthwatering on ribs, meat, poultry and more. Unlike other rubs, it's not overly salty, which also makes it a great recipe addition. AND it's all-natural! Like Tummy Rub, Sap-Happy Golden Bear Maple Sauce also comes to us from upstate New York. This amazingly delicious award-winning sauce is made with REAL maple syrup and other premium ingredients, and achieves the perfect balance of sweet, savory and peppery flavors that will enhance everything from meat and poultry to fish and seafood. Nando's Medium Peri-Peri Grind from South Africa is a spicy, savory and slightly garlicky/citrusy blend of whole spices and sea salt, with a convenient grinder built in so that you can custom-grind as needed, or unscrew the top and use the whole spices. If you like your BBQ sauces thick, on the sweet side and with natural smoky flavor, you have to try Uncle Pete's BBQ Sauces from South Carolina. These multiple-award-winning rib sauces come in Original, Spicy and Hickory, and we'll send you a recipe brochure when you order a bottle. And if you're up for something a bit less sweet but with a unique robust flavor, then try Craig's Jones'en Espresso BBQ Sauce, a thick, bold sauce made with a splash of real coffee that adds rich, dark flavor to this addictively good barbecue sauce. And finally, for hot sauce fans we've brought back Samson's Sauce, a tangy, medium-hot all-purpose hot sauce from North Carolina with a very funny label but a seriously delicious flavor. I can't eat eggs or omelets anymore without my Samson's Sauce!

If you still need a reason to try one or more of these new products, here's this: Order any of the above listed new products, include the comment "Newsletter" in the COMMENT section of the online order form (or metion this newsletter when ordering by phone), and we'll send you the latest "Dish This" catalog of NC producs AND a Discount Coupon for select products in the catalog!

Kosher Products

Keeping Kosher doesn't mean you have to sacrifice great taste or fiery spiciness. If you're looking for full-flavored BBQ & cooking sauces, spicy hot sauces, zesty condiments or robust seasonings that are Kosher certified, then check out our selection of Kosher Products!

Breaking News, Recipes, Etc.

Don't forget to read this blog regularly to learn about new products as soon as they arrive, as well as special sales and discounts, recipes and cooking tips, and the latest zesty news - or better yet, subscribe to our free RSS feed and don't miss a single thing!

Zestfully yours,

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