Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pepper Dog Brisket with Smoky Baked Beans

Greg came up with this mouthwatering recipe on Sunday when we had some folks over for BBQ, brisket, beans, and other tasty cookout fare. You should start this recipe early in the morning because you can't rush proper smoking. The sizes/quantities are determined by how many people you plan on feeding (and your heat preference with respect to the jalapenos)

1 beef brisket
Pepper Dog Dry Rub
1 Quart (or whatever the equivalent large can size is) Bush's Baked Beans
Pickled jalapeno pepper slices, to taste (we used a big handful of peppers from the jar, and it didn't turn out too hot at all)
1/2 onion, finely diced (we used a sweet onion)

Rub the entire brisket well with Pepper Dog Dry Rub. Smoke for about 7 hours -- or until the brisket passes the "tong test" -- over coals with soaked hickory chips (we also had some black cherry wood smoking dust that Greg added to the hickory chips). The smoker should stay around 250 to 300 degrees. Tong Test: You'll know when the brisket is done when you pick it up on one side with tongs and the meat starts to break away.

About 2 hours before you think the brisket will be done (when it starts getting tender but not yet pulling apart), pour the beans, onion and jalapenos into a shallow aluminum pan and stir to combine. Place the pan in the smoker on the first rack underneath the brisket, and let the drippings with the Pepper Dog Rub run onto the beans. Most of the fat will already have been rendered out at that point, but you’ll get some wonderful goodness coming in. Remove the brisket and the pan of beans when the brisket passes the tong test described above. Slice the brisket and serve with a side of beans (and some bread to mop up the juices).

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