Saturday, October 8, 2011

The BBQ Pro's Secret to Great Grilling

Ever wonder how the pros always manage to serve up evenly-cooked, amazingly juicy, tender meats--and chicken, veggies, and even fish--with gorgeous sear marks and no bitter charred bits from flare-ups? Their secret is out, and now available to the general public through our newest partner, Grill Grates are a revolutionary new raised grilling surface you install on your grill. The ridged surface traps juices and sends steam back up into whatever you're grilling, for juicier, more flavorful food--and no more dried-out food or greasy flare-ups. The raised ridges also leave perfect sear marks, for picture-perfect professional-looking results. This special design also makes it much easier to grill notoriously tricky foods like fish, vegetables and pizza.

What's the science behind GrillGrates? They're made from hard anodized panels that provide enhanced cooking via conduction, convection and infrared. This technology "smooths out" hot spots, for more even cooking regardless of whether you're cooking with charcoal or gas. The hard anodized finish is twice as hard as stainless steel and will never rust. Another plus is that GrillGrates are much easier to maintain than conventional grilling surfaces: simply wipe clean on the grill or in the sink with a wet sponge or scrub pad.

GrillGrates have been the deserving recipients of numerous prestigious awards, including Top New Product from the National BBQ Association, Best New BBQ Accessory from Hearth & Home Magazine, and the "Hot Stuff" Award from But don't just take my word--or theirs--for it: Read these testimonials from GrillGrate customers

GrillGrate products will fit virtually any BBQ or grill: They're available in 3 lengths for rectangular grills, and 4 custom sizes for round and oval grills. If you like to grill or barbecue, you need one of these for yourself. And if you have a favorite backyard chef or grillmeister on your holiday gift list, there's no better gift than a GrillGrate.

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