Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Texas Longhorn BBQ Sauces & Chili Fixins are Here!

Straight from the Lone Star State, we now have three new genuine Texas sauces available at the Carolina Sauces online store!  Sure, our name might be Carolina Sauce Company but we're always looking for great-tasting, zesty products from all around the country and the world (in addition to North Carolina products). So without further ado, here's what's new from Texas:

First up is Texas Longhorn Smokey Chipotle BBQ Sauce, a big, bold and robustly smoky tomato barbecue sauce that's true to its Texas roots with a sweet and tangy flavor that will complement beef ribs and brisket. The sweetness comes from honey and molasses, not corn syrup or sugar, and this keeps the sauce from being cloyingly sweet while complementing the deep, earthy flavor of the chipotles. And because chipotles are smoked jalapeno peppers, Texas Longhorn Smokey Chipotle Barbecue Sauce is indeed spicy--but like any good Texas BBQ sauce, the heat level is more moderate and won't burn out most people or overpower the food. Of course, beef is the logical choice for this sauce, but it's also superb with grilled chicken, pork ribs, venison or other game, and any other hearty grilled or roasted meat. You can also enjoy it with shrimp and portobellos, on hamburgers and as a dipping sauce for French fries.

Texas Longhorn Rodeo Jalapeno BBQ Sauce delivers a vibrant, feisty jalapeno kick in a tangy-sweet tomato-based barbecue sauce that's fun and lively like a Texas rodeo. Whether you slather it on ribs, baste it on chicken, toss it with veggies as a pre-grilling marinade or serve it at the table for dipping or pouring, this bright and spicy jalapeno barbecue sauce will make you smile--and ask for seconds. A little sweeter than the chipotle barbecue sauce, Texas Longhorn Rodeo Jalapeno BBQ Sauce has just a hint of smoke without being "smoky" and its lighter flavor means it will complement fish and seafood as well as red meats and poultry. It's also great as an addition to baked beans sloppy joes, meatloaf, burgers and anywhere else where you might want to use barbeque sauce as an ingredient. And while North Carolina (and South Carolina) barbecue purists might scoff at the following suggestion, I dare say that this Texas barbeque sauce makes a fine addition to pulled or chopped pork barbecue, especially if served on a bun with a dollop of slaw.

The third Texas product is not a sauce but rather condiment of sorts: Texas Longhorn Hott Damn Chili Fixins is your spicy shortcut for making homemade chili, whether it's genuine meat-only Texas chili or chili with beans, turkey chili, vegetarian chili and any other style. Made with three very different chile peppers--ancho chiles, jalapeno peppers and habaneros--plus a special blend of spices, Texas Longhorn Hott Damn Chili Fixins saves you the trouble of buying and chopping hot peppers, and finding all the spices you need for family-pleasing, championship-quality chili. All you need to do is brown the meat (if using meat in your chili), add a can of tomatoes (or chop up fresh tomatoes if you prefer), add chopped onions and/or a can of drained beans if you wish, and then let everything simmer on your stove or in your crock pot. The Chili Fixins will add hot & spicy heat with deep layers of flavor, all with little effort on your part. Get several jars (it's on sale!) to keep in your pantry so that you can whip up a pot of chili whenever the mood strikes you.

All three Texas Longhorn products--plus their Bread & Butter Jalapeno Dip--are made in Texas from wholesome, all-natural ingredients, and they're on sale now at the Carolina Sauce Company.

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