Saturday, December 6, 2008

Updated Lists of Best-Selling BBQ Sauce, Hot Sauce, & Other Products

The Carolina Sauce Company's top best-selling products in each specific product category for November have been updated, for your viewing & shopping pleasure. Here's a highlight or two for each specific product category:

*Best-Selling Hot Sauces: Serious chiliheads were shopping in earnest in November, because two of the hottest hot sauces available came in at number 7 (Dave's Ultimate Insanity Sauce) and number 9 (Dave's Insanity Sauce) on our list of top ten best-selling hot sauces

*Best-Selling BBQ Sauces: A classic favorite for almost 100 years, the spicy, vinegar-based Scott's Barbecue Sauce finished in the #10 spot last month, and it's currently on sale!

*Best-Selling Marinades & Dressings: One of our newest arrivals, Olio & Spices Pomegranate Teriyaki Sauce from Israel, broke in at a very impressive #9

*Best-Selling Dry Rubs & Seasonings: One of my personal favorites, Pig Pen's Original Seasoning from Salisbury, NC topped this list as the #1 best-selling dry rub

*Best-Selling Gift Sets: Two great Christmas gift ideas, the Peanut Lover's Gift Set and the Lawyer's Gift Set, finished in 8th and 9th place respectively

*Best-Selling North Carolina Products: If you're looking for an authentic eastern NC barbecue sauce, then you need Well's Hog Heaven BBQ Sauce from the tiny town of Burgaw just outside Wilmington, NC -- and it's currently on sale!

*Best-Selling Wing Sauces: Although not technically a wing sauce, we've included Anchor Bar Bleu Cheese Sauce (the 5th place finisher) on this list because it is the perfect dipping sauce for enjoying Buffalo wings and other styles of hot wings -- plus it's made by the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY, the birthplace of the original Buffalo style chicken wings!

*Best-Selling Jerk & Curry Products: The ever-popular, festively fiery Walkerswood Jonkanoo Pepper Sauce finished in 2nd place, and is currently in stock at the Carolina Sauce Company online store

*Best-Selling Snacks: If you're looking for a Christmas gift for a firefighter, I recommend Firehouse Nuts: Smoked Habanero Seasoned Peanuts, which ranked 9th among November's best-selling snacks

*Best-Selling Mustards: Another great holiday gift idea, the Mustard Lover's Gift Set featuring 5 different zestily delicious mustards, finished in 5th place

*Best-Selling Salsa & Relish: The top-selling product in this category is Pepper Dog Salsa Verde, an all-natural, medium-hot tomatillo salsa made in North Carolina -- and 100% of the product price when you purchase this salsa goes to Operation Sauce Drop, the Carolina Sauce Company's nonprofit program that sends free hot sauce & BBQ sauce to deployed troops!

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