Friday, August 14, 2009

Off The Hook BBQ Sauce

If you enjoy the bold, rich flavors of steak sauce and the vinegar tang of North Carolina BBQ sauce, then you'll love Off The Hook Barbeque Sauce. This unique, savory barbecue sauce packs a big, robust punch of hearty flavor thanks to the addition of worcestershire sauce to its traditional NC style vinegar & tomato base. The careful addition of secret herbs and spices adds a hint of peppery bite, and just the right touch of sugar completes this well-balanced barbeque sauce for flavor that's intriguingly complex and not too sweet. In short, this is not your ordinary, simple vinegar & tomato barbecue sauce for pulled pork and little else -- no, Off the Hook Barbeque Sauce is truly an all-purpose marinade, grilling, finishing, mopping and dipping sauce for pork, beef, chicken and even certain seafood like tuna steaks and shrimp. If you're vegetarian or just trying to eat less meat, you HAVE to try this sauce as a marinade for portobello mushrooms, zucchini and other "absorbent" grillable veggies. We mixed some into ground beef and made mouthwatering grilled "steak" burgers. We can't wait to try it on venison this winter, as I can tell the sauce is probably excellent for tenderizing and penetrating tougher cuts of meat.

Off the Hook Barbeque Sauce was developed from a family recipe that's several generations old, and until recently it was virtually impossible to find in stores or online. But I'm happy to report that you can now try this tasty sauce regardless of where you live, by ordering it online from the Carolina Sauce Company, where it's currently on sale for only $4.50 a bottle!

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