Friday, July 29, 2011

Hottest Hot Sauces & Pepper Extracts

Hot sauce fans and chileheads have spoken, and we've listened: The Carolina Sauce online store now offers an expanded selection of the hottest hot sauces on the market, conveniently grouped for your browsing pleasure and ease of shopping. Additionally, we've added a brand-new selection of extreme-heat Pepper Extracts, which are made with the hottest chile pepper extracts and generally rate at least one million Scoville Units (SHU) or higher on the heat scale. Along with old favorites like the original version of Da Bomb The Final Answer and Satan's Blood, you can now also order Da Bomb Final Answer with Lock & Key Display Case, a collector's item that's sure to impress while also serving the practical purpose of keeping little hands away from this "lethal" hot sauce; Naga Sabi Bomb Hot Sauce made with naga jolokia and wasabi; the latest edition of Blair's 3am Reserve Extract in a hand-signed bottle; and more.

Whether you enjoy consuming ultra-hot hot sauces, or want something super-hot to add to your homemade sauce recipes, or need a cost-efficient way to spice up a huge batch of chili to feed a bunch of hungry folks, or you collect hot sauces (or need a gift for someone who does), you'll probably find what you're looking for at the Carolina Sauces online store--and if you don't, simply contact us to let us know what you're searching for and we'll see if we can add it to our offerings.

Speaking of gifts for hot sauce fans and making your own fiery sauce, here's a unique gift item for the "mad scientist" or adventurous eater: The 16 Million SHU Pure Capsaicin Crystals Kit! In addition to a 1-ml. sealed vial of PURE 16 Million SHU Capsaicin Crystals (trust me when I say that a little of this stuff goes a very long way), this kit also comes with an aluminum waterproof carrying case for the vial and essential safety gear including a pair of non-latex lab gloves, tweezer forceps, and a surgical-grade non-latex face mask. All you need are safety goggles and you're ready to start creating your own signature version of unbelievably hot hot sauce, barbecue sauce or other fiery condiment.

We plan on adding more ultra-hot sauces and pepper extracts in the future, as well as "tamer" products for "saner" people, so stay tuned to this blog and become a fan on the Carolina Sauce Company Facebook page to keep up with the latest news, sales, and specials.

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  1. I have tried the da bomb hot sauce and its really, really, hot but has a great flavor.