Thursday, November 15, 2007

Conquering Lion Hot Sauces

Conquering Lion Hot Sauces are hand-made in small batches using all-natural, farm-fresh, mostly organic produce. The neat thing about these hot sauces is that the manufacturer grows many of the ingredients himself on his West Virginia farm. Vine-ripened tomatoes and habanero peppers are cold-smoked using freshly-cut Appalachian hickory wood for a natural smokiness that perfectly complements the fiery habanero heat. Unlike the standard thin, vinegary hot sauces in your grocery store or from mass producers, Conquering Lion Hot Sauces have a hearty taste and rich texture that set them apart from the pack. The Original flavor features full habanero pepper intensity paired with earthy hickory smoke in a robust tomato base that's not sweet but also isn't harshly tart. The XXX Hot flavor multiplies the fiery heat level by increasing the proportion of habaneros to other ingredients, instead of relying on extracts that can add strange aftertastes. The result is a naturally super-hot hot sauce that still manages to taste really good. My favorite Conquering Lion Hot Sauce is the Mango flavor. Unlike other mango hot sauces, Conquering Lion Mango hot sauce isn't sweet, but rather uses mango to add a hint of tropical fruit that takes the edge off the smoky habanero without diminishing the heat level (the Mango flavor uses the XXX recipe as its base, so this is a serious hot sauce). The result is a food-friendly fiery-hot sauce that's great in baked beans, on hamburgers and meatloaf, in poultry dishes, and much more. Try some Conquering Lion Hickory-Smoked Hot Saucetoday, and taste what hot sauce was meant to be!

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