Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blair's Mega Death 20/20 Limited Edition Hot Sauce is Here!

In celebration of their 20th anniversary, the folks who make the infamously hot Blair's Death Hot Sauces have released special Limited Edition versions of their sauces -- and I'm happy to inform you that Blair's Mega Death Hot Sauce, 20/20 Limited Edition is now available from the Carolina Sauce Company! If you are not a fan of ultra-hot hot sauces, the type that can only safely be used one micro-droplet at a time, then you might as well stop reading now. But if you are a fiery foods fanatic who prefers fiendishly hot ultra-hot sauces, or if you are a hot sauce collector or know someone who is, you'll be interested in knowing more about the Limited Edition Blair's Mega Death. Yes, it still comes with the Blair's trademark skull keychain, and the label still has all the warnings about this sauce requiring extreme caution when handling and dilution if ingesting. But the original Mega Death recipe has been tweaked -- and therefore improved -- so if you actually decide to use this stuff (and you haven't previously destroyed your taste buds), you'll pick up more of the tropical flavors in this sauce. The more-noticeable fruitiness still comes from guava, and you should pick up the zing of ginger, and the earthy sweetness that's from molasses rather than sugar.

If you collect hot sauces, or need a gift for someone who does, I recommend you get a bottle of Blair's Mega Death 20/20 Limited Edition as soon as you can, because Blair's only made a limited quantity of this hot sauce and this collector's item is sure to sell out quickly, just as the Blair's Sudden Death 20/20 Limited Edition did around Father's Day. And don't worry, we didn't raise the price on the Mega Death Limited Edition sauce, as it's still just $9.95 when you order it from Carolina Sauce.

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