Monday, November 1, 2010

Top 10 Best-Selling Sauces & Seasonings for October

Here are the top ten best-selling products across all categories at the Carolina Sauce Company for the month of October 2010. There were quite a few surprising finishes, including a newcomer to our top ten list, so keep reading below for more info and for links to our best-sellers:

1. Matouk's West Indian Sauce is a regular top-ten finisher, and last month this flavorful tropical hot sauce from Trinidad & Tobago displaced two North Carolina favorites that usually finish first or second.

2. Busha Browne's Pukka Hot Sauce from Jamaica is a perennial favorite and re-appeared on our top 10 list after a brief hiatus, taking 2nd place honors for October.

3. Walkerswood Traditional Jamaican Jerk Seasoning is our all-time best-selling jerk product, and was the third-best selling product last month across all categories.

4. Wells Hog Heaven BBQ Sauce usually sits in the #1 or #2 spot on this list, but last month this authentic eastern NC vinegar-based BBQ sauce dropped down to 4th place as the summer barbecue season drew to a close.

5. Scorned Woman Hot Sauce, a classic vinegar-pepper hot sauce, vaulted up to fifth place on our best-seller list for its strongest showing in a long time (and possibly ever!)

6. Castle Sauce is usually found in the #1 or #2 slot, but this mustard-tomato burger & steak sauce from Greensboro ended up sixth last month as a few other products had unusually strong months.

7. Matouk's Calypso Hot Sauce finished 7th in October and is the hotter sibling of our current best-selling hot sauce, with more of a savory Caribbean flavor while the heat in Matouk's West Indian Sauce is tempered somewhat by naturally sweet papaya.

8. Buderim Ginger Bears are made in Australia using real ginger, and are our all-time best-selling snack. These addictively zippy gummy bears were our overall 8th best selling product last month.

9. Georgia Peach & Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce is a favorite among folks who prefer layers of luscious flavor rather than painful fiery heat, and it's great on everything from grilled meats to roast chicken and even broiled seafood.

10. Pickapeppa Spicy Mango Sauce

made it into the top-ten list for the very first time. This moderately-hot sauce from Jamaica is packed with rich mango flavor and is the reincarnation of the classic Ruth's Spicy Mango Sauce from a few years ago.

We'll soon update the category-specific lists of best-selling products on our site, and I'll highlight them here in the very near future.

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