Friday, December 16, 2011

Eight Great Grill & BBQ Gifts

Need a gift for someone who loves to grill and enjoys good barbecue?  Here are some suggestions that are sure to impress--and get you invited to plenty of cookouts!

1.  GrillGrate Gift Bag:  The ideal gift for the BBQ enthusiast or grill chef, GrillGrates are a superior cooking surface that "smooths out" hot spots and results in more even cooking over charcoal or gas. The raised surface produces professional sear marks while trapping juices and sending steam back up into your food, for juicier, more flavorful meats, poultry, seafood and more.  Select the size and number of GrillGrates you want to give and have them packed in this Gift Bag that features two pockets and a carrying strap so that you can take your GrillGrates and BBQ tools anywhere you go. Ideal for camping, tailgating, beach trips, picnics and neighborhood barbecues, you can buy the bag alone OR have your GrillGrate order packed in it, OR you can select from two GrillGrate Gift Bag Sets containing GrillGrates, The GrateTool, the Grate Chef Steaming Grill Brush and a GrillGrates user guide.

2.  Grill Master Gift Set:  This BBQ gift set includes a bottle of the award-winning Demon Pig BBQ Sauce, a mild tomato-based sauce that's pleasantly sweet with a hint of orange tang; a bottle of spicy-sweet Fork 'N Halo Original Sin BBQ Sauce; made with tomatoes, red wine vinegar, molasses & honey and spiced with a touch of cayenne & jalapeno; a bottle of smoky-sweet Mad Dog BBQ Sauce made from all-natural ingredients; plus a bottle each of savory Bad Byron'd Butt Rub for seasoning steaks, burgers, ribs, pork shoulder and even fish or veggies; Bone Suckin’ Rib Rub from NC with that sweet-tangy Bone Suckin' flavor; and the award-winning Bib Bob Gibson’s Bar-B-Q Seasoning & Rub, a mouthwatering blend of savory, sweet and spicy all in one.

3.  Sippin' & Grillin' Gift Set:  It's hard to go wrong with booze-spiked BBQ sauce, and the sauces in this unique gift are drinkably delicious!  All five of the sauces in this gift set come in full-size bottles and are great for slathering, marinating, basting and dipping.  Whether made with whiskey, bourbon or beer, they'll enhance the flavor of any hearty meat including pork, beef, venison and other game, and they also complement chicken, game birds, portobello mushrooms and even shrimp.  Add them to chili, meatloaf, burgers, sloppy joes and other ground beef recipes for a special treat.

4.  Chef's BBQ Sauce Gift Set:  These are the sauces for the grilling foodie and true BBQ connoisseur.  Each is masterfully crafted from the finest ingredients for a unique flavor experience.  Chef Ahrun has really outdone himself with his  Outrageously Applicious BBQ Sauce creation, and his Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce captures the essence of low-country Carolina barbecue.  Cahoot’s Chipotle BBQ Sauce is Asian-inspired and works very well with Indian dishes, while his “Fire in the Hive" Sauce beautifully balances sweet and hot flavors for an amazing taste. You won't find any of these hard-to-find sauces at a grocery store or supermarket!

5.  Pappy's BBQ Sauce Gift Set:  These popular, old-fashioned sauces come in glass flasks with amusing labels, making them a great light-hearted--but full-flavored--gift.  The gift set is a 3-pack and you get to select which three flavors of Pappy's excellent BBQ Sauces to include.  The four available flavors are Pappy's XXX White Lightnin' BBQ Sauce, Pappy's Moonshine Madness, Pappy's Fighting Cock and Pappy's Sauce For Sissies (this is the mildest one, in case the name didn't give that away).

6.  All-American BBQ Gift Set:  This bountiful gift features several varieties of sauces made from genuine American ingredients such as bourbon, molasses, whiskey and Vidalia onions.  There's a bottle each of Bourbon Molasses BBQ Sauce and Roasted Peach Whiskey Sauce spiced with garlic & chile.  The Vidalia Onion Fig Sauce is a thick and robust, perfect for basting meats while grilling or roasting, and comes with a recipe for Fig & Onion Pork Tenderloin.  As an added bonus, this barbecue gift set also comes with a Cooked Perfect Color Changing Meat Thermometer.

7.  Old Grand Paw's BBQ Gift Set:  This ain't your grandpaw's barbecue sauce - it's better!  Old Grand Paw makes hillbilly-inspired barbecue sauces that add down-home, finger-lickin-good flavor to anything you grill, whether it walks, flies, swims or slithers.  The gift set includes Bootlegger's BBQ and Tonic, Hillbilly Home Brew BBQ Sauce, Cajun Cousin's Swamp Fire Marinade, and Jug Juice BBQ Sauce, all in full-size glass flasks.  This barbecue sauce makes a memorable impression in appearance, and the flavor of the sauces is unforgettably good, too.

8.  BBQ Sauce of the Month Club:  Here's a gift that keeps on giving, and will keep the recipient thanking you for months or even a whole year!  Available in 6 or 12 month clubs, the recipient will get one different bottle of barbecue sauce each month, hand-picked from award-winning sauces and hard-to-find specialty sauce manufacturers.  You can have the first shipment gift-wrapped if you'd like, and also include a short message with it, too.

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