Friday, December 23, 2011

Mustard-Glazed Turnips

lamb and glazed turnips This zesty side dish is an ideal accompaniment to Christmas ham, lamb, roast beef, pork chops and even venison tenderloin. Young or baby turnips are milder and sweeter than more mature, full-size turnips, so be sure to select the smallest turnips available for the mellowest flavor. Worried about whether the kids will eat this side dish? Just call it "country potatoes" instead of turnips--that's what Greg's Mom did when he and his sister were kids, and they ate them happily every time.

1/2 stick butter
2 lbs baby (small) turnips, trimmed, peeled & quartered
1/2 cup chicken or vegetable stock
1 tsp brown sugar
Pinch of nutmeg or mace
2 tsp Dijon mustard
Salt & pepper to taste
Optional garnish:  Chopped parsley (1 or 2 Tbs)

Melt the butter in a large, heavy-bottomed pan over medium heat.  Add turnips, stir to coat and saute until golden brown on all sides.  Add the stock, stir in the brown sugar & nutmeg or mace, and bring to a simmer.  Reduce heat, cover and cook until turnips are fork-tender, about 15 to 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Use a slotted spoon to transfer turnips to a bowl or plate while you make the glaze:  Stir the mustard into the pan in which you cooked the turnips and cook for a few minutes over medium heat.  Add turnips back to the pot and stir to coat with the glaze.  Taste for seasoning and add salt/pepper as desired.  Before serving, sprinkle with chopped parsley if desired.

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