Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jalapeno Poppers on the Grill Made Easy

Jalapeno Poppers Grill Roaster PLUS Corer
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Take the mess out of making cheese-stuffed jalapeno poppers at home when you roast them on your BBQ grill using this jalapeno popper roaster for the grill!

By roasting the poppers on your grill instead of battering and frying them, you not only add incomparable fire-roasted flavor while evenly melting the cheese filling, but you also reduce the fat and calories without sacrificing taste. The stainless-steel jalapeno pepper roaster also reduces dripping and flare-ups by neatly keeping the stuffed peppers upright, ensuring that they'll cook evenly and making cleanup a snap.

Making grilled jalapeno poppers is super-easy:  Simply cut off the top of the pepper, scoop out the core and seeds, then stuff with a mixture of equal parts softened cream cheese and shredded cheddar cheese (you can substitute Monterey Jack, pepper-jack, mozzarella, or any other shredded cheese).  Slip each stuffed pepper into a hole on the roaster rack, position on your grill over indirect medium heat, and close the grill cover. Let them cook for several minutes until the peppers are softened and the cheese filling has melted and turned golden (you can open the grill to check from time to time). Gently lift out each popper when done--they'll be hot to the touch, so use small tongs or let them cool a bit first.

Large Jalapeno Poppers Pepper Roaster PLUS Corer
Cored, stuffed & ready to grill
The jalapeno popper grill roaster is not just for jalapenos: Make a crowd-pleasing mild appetizer by using mini sweet peppers instead of jalapenos. Or use any variety of pepper that's similar in size to jalapenos, or any other veggie you might want to grill in an upright position to save room on your grill.

You can get creative with the fillings, too, by adding any of the following to the cheese mixture: A little cooked & crumbled bacon, some dried herbs, your favorite BBQ rub, or even some minced cooked crabmeat if you want to get fancy.

You can order jalapeno poppers grill roasters online from our recently-updated BBQ & Grill Accessories page on the Carolina Sauce Company website. They're available in three different sizes:

(1) The regular jalapeno grill roaster that holds up to 18 poppers and comes with a pepper corer;

(2) The large jalapeno poppers grill roaster which fits up to 24 peppers and also comes with a corer; and

(3) The extra-large grill roaster for cooking up to 36 jalapeno poppers at a time, excellent for parties and other get-togethers.

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  1. Hi Gloria!

    I love this idea! yummy!


  2. Hi Melissa!
    I'm usually not a "gadget" person but when I discovered these, I thought they were the neatest idea! Plus, nothing beats the flavor of fire-roasted peppers, IMHO. Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment - you're welcome here anytime :-)
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