Saturday, November 30, 2013

Shop Small with Carolina Sauce Company

Carolina Sauce Company
Are you supporting small businesses by "shopping small" today, Small Business Saturday?

Did you know that you can "shop small" online, especially when you shop at the Carolina Sauce Company?

It's hard to get smaller than the Carolina Sauce Company. Although I often refer to it using the word "we" (because my husband Greg and I are the sole owners), in reality and everyday life the Carolina Sauce Company is really just ME. That's it. One woman and her computer on her desk at home. Greg has a full-time job elsewhere, but occasionally serves as my "IT Department" when I have a computer question. 

Like I said, it's hard to get smaller than that. And virtually all our partners, including the Carolina Sauces warehouse and online store, are also small, family-owned and operated businesses.

Why is it important to shop small? Because every dollar you spend with a small business, or a "micro-business" such as Carolina Sauce, really matters. Very small companies usually have the tightest budgets, and every penny earned or spent directly impacts the lives of the people who own and operate the business. That is certainly true in my case, and has been the case with all the other small businesses I have worked with or for in previous jobs. The dollars you spend when you buy hot sauce from me go directly towards keeping Carolina Sauce Company in business. There are no layers of middle managers or paper-pushers, no outside shareholders demanding a return on investment even if it means cutting corners or sacrificing American jobs for cheaper foreign labor, no corporate jets or executive bonuses or political lobbyists. Every dollar made by a small business like Carolina Sauce is hard-earned by the few people -- or the single individual -- that is actually running the business. And thus every order placed, every customer served, and every dollar earned is greatly appreciated.

What does that mean for you? At least when it comes to Carolina Sauce, it means that I will work my tail off to make sure you have the best online shopping experience possible, with attentive customer service, a friendly and helpful attitude, and an eagerness to assist in any way possible. Why? Because every dollar matters, because I take pride in my work and reputation, and because I am passionate about what I do. The smaller the business, the less that it can afford -- literally and figuratively -- to lose a sale or a customer. So when you shop small, whether in person or online as with my business, you are far more likely to have a favorable experience, receive superior service, and have a direct positive impact on someone's livelihood and life.

When you're shopping today and searching for Small Business Saturday sales, don't forget to shop small online with the Carolina Sauce Company, where we're having a special 7% off coupon sale through Cyber Monday. Visit the Carolina Sauces online store home page for the special coupon code, or email me and I'll send it to you. And don't forget that all orders over $75 automatically get free shipping, no coupon necessary.

Thanks for your support!

Zestfully yours,

PS: If you ever have any questions about the products available from Carolina Sauce Company, or would like some product recommendations, etc., please don't hesitate to leave a comment on this blog or on our Facebook page (where you can also send me a PM), or simply send me an email. I'm always happy to help and to "talk sauce."

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