Saturday, April 12, 2014

Save Homeless Animals when you buy Dog-Gone Sauces

Sometimes a sauce brand comes along that stands out not only because of its superior flavors and ability to bring out the best in your food, but also because of its greater purpose. Dog-Gone Sauce is such a brand.

Dog-Gone Hot Sauces and BBQ Sauce were created by Jeff Schmidt, a lifelong animal lover with extensive food industry experience and an affinity for zesty flavors, in order to raise money for homeless animals. When you purchase any flavor of these high-quality, all-natural and great-tasting sauces, Dog Gone Sauce donates 100% of its after-tax profits to animal shelters and rescue groups. To date, hundreds if not thousands of homeless dogs, cats and other animals have been saved as a result. The Carolina Sauce Company is thrilled to be able to offer you all three flavors of Dog-Gone Hot Sauce as well as their all-purpose, family-pleasing Barbecue Sauce, as part of our Sauce For A Cause program.

Sweet & smoky, gently spicy (not hot) Dog-Gone BBQ Sauce features a thick and hearty tomato base seasoned with tangy mustard, zesty garlic and savory spices, sweetened with real honey and molasses, and perfectly balanced with earthy smokiness and a dash of peppery zip. It's finger-lickin' good as a basting and grilling sauce on pretty much anything including ribs, hamburgers and other meats, chicken, turkey legs, fish, shrimp & other seafood plus your favorite grilling vegetables (try it on portobello mushrooms, veggie burgers, zucchini etc.). You can also bake or slow-cook with it, add it to recipes calling for barbecue sauce, and enjoy it at the table as a dipping or slathering sauce. Kids love dunking French fries, chicken strips, tater tots and even baby carrots in it.

For hot sauce lovers who appreciate innovative flavors as much or more so than fiery heat, Dog-Gone Sauces makes three inspired varieties of hot sauces. For traditionalists and anyone who enjoys dark, smoky heat, there's the garlicky Chipotle Sauce that packs the richly dark and complex smoke and firepower of genuine chipotle in a vinegar base that gets a delightful gourmet boost from roasted red peppers. Obvious ways to enjoy this south of the border-style hot sauce is with all your favorite Mexican, Tex-Mex and Southwestern foods such as nachos, tacos, burritos, enchiladas, huevos rancheros and more. It's also a nice condiment for burgers, chili, pizza and other hearty foods.

For fans of fruit-infused hot sauces, there's Dog-Gone Pineapple-Honey Hot Sauce, a sassy, fiery tropical style hot sauce that gets its big burn from habanero peppers and its bright tangy flavor from lusciously juicy pineapple. A dash of garlic and pinch of ginger add gourmet zip for a burst of spicy flavor that will make you smile. Fantastic on chicken and seafood dishes, it's also wonderful with rice and beans, fried rice and stir-fry recipes, and grilled meats including all sorts of sausages.

Finally, Dog-Gone Honey-Rum Hot Sauce is smooth and mellow with a warm medium heat, seductive sweetness from honey and tropical fruit including mango, and a depth of sophisticated character from raisins and a splash of dark rum. Magnificent on pork chops, roast chicken, salmon or tuna steaks, mixed grilled vegetables, shrimp stir-fry, Asian noodle dishes and more, it's also lovely with lamb, venison, brisket and other hearty meats.

You can purchase each kind of Dog-Gone sauce individually, by the 3-pack or by the 12-bottle case, and also in combo packs. And remember that every time you treat yourself to these dog-gone delicious sauces you are helping to save the life of a dog, cat or other homeless animal.

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