Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Carolina Sauce Company Newsletter: Turkey Tips, Coupon Sale & Gift Baskets

Earlybird Coupon Sale
Our annual Earlybird Christmas & Holiday Coupon Sale is back, and this year we're extending the savings through the end of November!  Use coupon code FALL2011 to save 7% off your product total at the Carolina Sauces online store, good on ALL products including on-sale items, hot sauce gift sets, and, of course, the newly-arrived J.T. Pappy's Gator Sauces.  This coupon is good through the end of November, and will expire at midnight on November 30th, 2011.
Add zest to your holiday menu and get a head start on your Christmas shopping with these tasty sauces, seasonings and gift ideas:
J.T. Pappy's Gator BBQ Sauces:  These rich & savory mustard-tomato BBQ sauces are finally back in stock, and they're bigger and better than ever!  Now in 18oz glass bottles instead of the small plastic 10oz bottles, JT Pappy's is great for marinating, grilling and cooking meat, poultry, veggies, seafood & more.  Available in original mild Gator Sauce, medium Flamin' Gator, hot Gator Grenade, extra hot Termigator, and smoky-mild Hickory Heaven.
Toad Sweat Cranberry Dessert Hot Sauce:  This North Carolina original is perfect for the chilehead who wants to spice up his or her serving of Thanksgiving turkey, and for jazzing up leftovers or even pouring over cheesecake.  For a unique sweet & spicy gift, there's the Toad Sweat Mini 4-Pack with a bottle of each of their award-winning dessert hot sauces.
Bone Suckin' Seasoning & Rub:  If you're smoking a turkey or if you're still using your grill outdoors, get yourself a bottle of this all-purpose BBQ seasoning for finger-lickin' flavor the whole family will love.
Cheesecake in a Jar:  This lusciously decadent and creamy dessert sauce is fabulous for dipping fruit, cookies or other sweet stuff; for spooning over pie, cobbler and even sweet potatoes; or using as cake frosting.  Makes a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for your favorite cheesecake lover!
Bone Suckin' Sweet Hot Mustard:  Sweet and sassy (not fiery), this dipping & spreading mustard will make turkey sandwiches and turkey salad sing.  It's also mouthwatering as a ham glaze and in casseroles calling for mustard.
Kosher Products:  Looking for full-flavored Kosher products for Hanukkah?  We have what you need!
Themed Hot Sauce Gift Sets:  If there's someone on your gift list that enjoys hot & spicy foods, give them a unique gift they can use year-round on all their favorite foods.  These hot sauce gift sets are specially-priced to save you money, and include an amusing Lawyer's Gift Set, an intriguing Pepper Variety Gift Set, a super-fiery Ultra-Hot Gift Set and more.
If you're cooking or shopping for folks with special dietary needs, we have Gluten-Free products, Low/No Carb items with no more than 1 gram of carbs per serving, and Low/No Sodium products with no more than 35mg of sodium per serving.
Use coupon code FALL2011 when you order any of the above from us to save 7% off the product total!  Remember, coupon expires on 11/30/2011.
***Please note, the Fall2011 coupon doesn't apply to products purchased from our partners.***

Gift Baskets & Gourmet Coffee
Gourmet Gift Baskets and Gift Boxes are now available at the Carolina Sauce Company website!  We've selected these beautifully assembled and bountifully stocked gift baskets and boxes from our partners for their inspired selection of fine specialty foods from around the world.  Whether you need a gift for an experienced home chef or for someone who's exploring international cuisines, for a chocoholic or a bacon fanatic, for a loved one or a business colleague, you'll find what you're looking for when you visit our brand-new Gift Baskets & Boxes page.  From there, you can click on any listed item to get more information on it and also to browse through that partner's complete selection of gourmet gifts. 
And here's good news for coffee addicts:  Our newest partner is Hunter Bay Coffee, award-winning gourmet roasters trained by European masters.  They begin with premium beans and slow-roast them daily in small batches, ensuring the freshest possible flavor.  In addition to amazing coffee blends, they also offer organic coffee, fine tea, monthly coffee clubs, coffee accessories and coffee gift baskets.
The Secret to Succulent Turkey
Regardless of whether he roasts or smokes our Thanksgiving turkey, and regardless of how big or small the bird, Greg always manages to make the juiciest, most succulent and flavorful turkey.  Family and friends always want to know his secret.  His answer?  Brining.  Below is his secret recipe for the perfect turkey brine.  Don't worry about the salt or sugar content: the cooked bird won't taste sweet or salty because those ingredients merely serve to facilitate osmosis, the process that will allow the flavor elements (citrus, herbs, spices) and a little water to penetrate the bird to season it and keep it moist.  To brine a turkey, you'll need a cooler that's big enough to submerge the whole bird, and enough water to cover it.  For a fresh or defrosted bird, brine for 24 hrs prior to cooking.  You can brine a frozen bird if you put it in the brine 3 days prior to cooking.  To keep the brine cold enough, add ice in sealed plastic bags so as to not dilute the brine.
Without further ado, here's Greg's Secret Turkey Brine Recipe:  For every gallon of water add 1 cup Kosher salt, 1 cup sugar, the juice, pulp & rinds of 1 orange and 1 lime and 1 lemon, 1 head of garlic (crushed), 1/4 cup black peppercorns (crushed), 1 to 2 Tbs red pepper flakes, 2-3 sprigs fresh rosemary, several sprigs of fresh thyme, several sprigs of fresh sage.  The water-salt-sugar ratio is the most important part of the recipe; feel free to adjust the other seasonings.  Mix up enough brine to completely submerge your turkey, and add sealed bags of ice to the cooler as needed to ensure safe refrigeration.  Discard brine once you remove the turkey for cooking.
If cooking isn't on your agenda this Thanksgiving but you really want to serve smoked turkey, our partner Johnston County Hams will deliver their delicious ready-to-eat North Carolina smoked turkey (available whole or breast-only) to your home! 

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