Saturday, May 23, 2009

Spicy Grilled Corn on the Cob

This simple recipe works best if you use a hot sauce that's got a straightforward flavor (i.e., made with only a few ingredients) and a heat level of medium to hot. The recipe is for 6 ears of corn, but you can multiply or divide it as needed. Here are some of the hot sauces that I recommend for this recipe:

For great jalapeno flavor & fire: Iguana Mean Green Hot 'n Tasty Jalapeno Pepper Sauce or Melinda's Jalapeno Pepper Sauce

For zippy cayenne spice: Dave's Cool Cayenne Pepper Sauce

For real habanero fire: El Yucateco Salsa Picante Red Habanero Sauce or Marie Sharp's Hot Habanero Pepper Sauce

For tropical scotch bonnet pepper heat: Tortuga Caribbean Hell-Fire Sauce or Kato's Down South Hot Sauce

For a smoky flavor and fiery heat: Mountain Man Fire Roasted Habanero Pepper Sauce

For exotic African Peri Peri Pepper flavor & fire: Nando's Peri Peri Pepper Hot Sauce in your choice of Medium, Hot, or Extra Hot

6 ears of corn with husks on
4 Tbs hot sauce (see above for recommendations)
5 Tbs butter, melted

Peel back the husks from the corn and remove most of the inner husks, leaving some of the thicker outer husks to wrap around the end of the corn and use as a handle. Combine the melted butter and hot sauce, and brush over each ear of corn. Grill the corn over hot coals, turning and basting often, until the corn is tender.

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