Friday, July 31, 2009

Burning Asphalt Steak Sauces

What makes a steak sauce worthy of accompanying a fine steak? A great steak sauce is one that features perfectly balanced sweet and tart flavors with savory herbs and piquant spices for a taste that will enhance the natural meaty flavors of the steak, including the seared outside and the juicy interior, without overpowering them. After all, if you're spending good money on a steak, you want to TASTE the steak. A great steak sauce must also have a rich, thick body with some texture to it so that it will cling to the steak, complement the chargrilled or broiled exterior of the meat and provide a pleasantly interesting mouthfeel. Great steak sauces aren't generally found in grocery stores - that's where you find mass-produced, overly sweet and one-dimensional boring condiments that should never share the plate with a quality cut of meat. If you are ready to try a great steak sauce, you need to try Burning Asphalt Steak Sauces.

Made in small batches by a family-run business in the heart of New York's Amish Country, Burning Asphalt Steak Sauces bring out the best in your steaks, and also add mouthwatering flavor to hamburgers, roasts, meatloaf, and even pork chops and chicken. The old-fashioned Homestyle Steak Sauce begins with a sweet tomato and savory Worcestershire base, but adds gourmet flair with a splash of red wine vinegar and a dash of zesty horseradish for an intriguingly complex palette of flavors that will dance on your tongue. If you're feeling more adventurous, check out Burning Asphalt Sweet Pepper Steak & Dipping Sauce, featuring a subtle hint of tropical flavors thanks to the careful addition of bananas and pineapple juice plus just a spark of heat from habanero peppers. This sauce makes a fabulous glaze for seafood and poultry in addition to dressing up your steak and other meats. Kids and adults both love dipping fries in the Sweet Pepper Steak Sauce, and it's even good with breakfast foods like hash browns, homefries, sausage, and scrambled eggs. Both flavors of Burning Asphalt Steak Sauce can also be used in cooking, such as in gravies and stews, casseroles, and added to ground beef when making meatballs, burgers and meatloaf. Burning Asphalt Steak Sauces are currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company.

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PS: In case you're wondering, the "Burning Asphalt" name refers to the makers' love of auto racing (hence the race car and checkered flag motif on the label). It does NOT mean that the sauce is so hot that it will burn asphalt! Both of these steak sauces are big on flavor but mild in terms of heat.

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