Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Quick "Organics" Primer

I found this useful summary regarding the meaning of "organic" in some materials from Publix GreenWise Market. According to their literature, a food can be labeled "organic" if it is "produced without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, added antibiotics and hormones, genetic engineering and irradiation." Organic foods are also minimally processed and must not have any artificial ingredients or preservatives. When it comes to organic poultry and cattle, it's my understanding that the feed those animals consume must also adhere to organic standards, and that includes grazing land. The term "organic" is very strictly defined and regulated by the US Department of Agriculture, especially when it comes to product labels. Here are the three USDA categories for "organic" food:

"Made with Organic Ingredients" means that a product includes 70% to 95% organic ingredients.

"USDA Certified Organic" means that a product includes at least 95% organic ingredients.

"100% Organic" means the product contains ONLY organically produced ingredients, excluding water and salt.

If you're looking for sauces and condiments made with organic ingredients, the Carolina Sauce Company offers some excellent organic sauces and condiments.

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