Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Melinda's Habanero Pepper Steak Sauce

If you're looking for a hot & spicy steak sauce to enjoy with grilled steaks, hamburgers, roast beef and other hearty meat dishes, you MUST try Melinda's Habanero Steak Sauce, from the creators of the world-famous Melinda's Habanero Pepper Sauces. The flavors in Melinda's Steak Sauce are bold and robust, just like you'd expect in a fine steak sauce from a gourmet restaurant, with complex savory and tangy notes enhanced by tart tamarind, a touch of exotic cloves, and earthy molasses for a hint of mellow sweetness. But what really makes this mouthwatering, spicy steak sauce stand out is the careful addition of fresh Caribbean habanero peppers with just a bit of tropical banana and pineapple to round out the edgy bite of these fiery chiles. The end result is deeply satisfying both to serious chileheads (this sauce is pleasantly medium-hot, so it won't destroy your tastebuds but it will definitely deliver some heat), and to gourmands who like to explore new flavor combinations.

If you enjoy venison and other wild game, I think this sauce will nicely complement such exotic meats. Because Melinda's Habanero Steak Sauce contains some soy sauce, you can also use it as a marinade to help tenderize game and other tougher cuts of meat. And the hint of tropical flavor makes this steak sauce a natural accompaniment for grilled salmon, swordfish and tuna -- plus it's fabulous with portobello mushrooms, and even poured over a slab of cream cheese as a quick appetizer to serve with crackers. Better still, Melinda's Habanero Steak Sauce is currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company for only $2.99 a bottle - truly a steal for a gem of a sauce!

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