Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nando's Hot Peri-Peri Marinade

The peri peri pepper, also known as the African bird's-eye chilli, is the hottest African pepper and plays a prominent role in South African cuisine - which, in turn, was influenced by Portuguese cuisine during colonial times. Nando's Chickenland, a well-known South African chain with restaurants around the world, has mastered the art of cooking with peri-peri peppers, and their rich, flavorful sauces have fans in many countries. Here at the Carolina Sauce Company, we're proud to announce the arrival of Nando's Hot Peri-Peri Marinade, the latest addition to the Nando's family. Featuring a hefty dose of fiery peri-peri heat in a lemony tomato base, this hot & spicy marinade from South Africa is seasoned with traditional herbs and spices to impart exotically delicious flavors to chicken, beef, pork and even seafood & veggies.

Like all the Nando's marinades and cooking sauces, Nando's Hot Peri-Peri Marinade is simple to use and delivers gourmet results with little effort: Just pour some sauce over whatever you're cooking (I use a resealable plastic bag), refrigerate (30 minutes for seafood, 2 or more hours for poultry, overnight for meat), and then grill, bake, roast or broil, basting generously with more sauce. That's it! You can also use Nando's Hot Peri Peri Marinade as a stir-fry sauce and in your crock pot, or add it to ground meat for zesty burgers, sloppy joes, meatloaf or meatballs. Your imagination is the limit with this wonderful sauce! Nando's Peri-Peri Hot Marinade is Kosher Parev, and contains no added MSG. And if you're counting carbs, you'll be pleased to know that it has only 1 gram of carbs per tablespoon.

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