Monday, September 28, 2009

Sauce on Sale, No Coupon Necessary!

Fiery hot sauce, robust BBQ sauce, zesty condiments, zippy wing sauce, and mouthwatering marmalades & other sweets are all on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company, and you don't need a coupon to take advantage of these great savings and low prices! Just look for the red sale prices or the words "On Sale" at the Carolina Sauce online store -- or better yet, check out the complete list of sale items below and simply click on the product name! Don't delay, as sale prices are good while supplies last, and some of these sauces are going FAST!

*Chile Pepper Soaps from New Mexico: Shaped like chilies and scented with cinnamon (red) and lime (green), these beautiful hand-made soaps are gentle on your skin (no peppers in the soap!) and make beautiful decorations, too

Hot Sauce on Sale:
*Bubba's Special Sauce: Made in Alabama and packed with rich tomatoes, spicy cayenne and a dash of fiery habaneros - perfect for cooking and for using at the table
*Race City Sauce Works Moonshiners Run Whisky Barrel Hot Sauce: An award-winning NC hot sauce that's made with 8 different locally grown chile peppers, a secret blend of herbs & spices, NC sweet potatoes and a splash of bourbon
*Tortuga Caribbean Hell-Fire Sauce: Made in Jamaica with ripe, fiery scotch bonnet peppers
*Uncle Brutha's Gourmet Hot Sauces: Comes in two deliciously devilish flavors, and both are on sale: The green Fire Sauce No. 9 made with serrano peppers, cilantro and ginger, and the red Fire Sauce No. 10 with red & green jalapenos, habaneros & serranos

BBQ Sauce on Sale:
*Apple Butter BBQ Sauce: Naturally sweet apples blended in a rich, thick tomato-mustard-vinegar barbecue sauce that's unbelievably delicious on ribs, chicken, and more
*Burning Asphalt Dutch Honey Smoked BBQ Sauce: Made in New York's northern Amish country, this is an old-fashioned smoky-sweet BBQ sauce the whole family will love
*Cool Hawg Hot 'n Spicy Grilling Sauce: Made in NC, this is a fiery-hot, smoky, thick & savory mustard-tomato sauce that's great on meats & poultry
*Dem Bonz Barbecue Sauce: Made in NC, and packed with sweet & tangy tomato-honey-vinegar flavor, just a touch of pepper, and NO smoke
*The Distillery Bar B Que Sauce: From the famous Distillery restaurant in upstate NY, this robust tomato-mustard sauce is mildly spicy/smoky and richly flavorful
*D'Vine Foods Muscadine BBQ Sauce: A surprisingly delicious NC original featuring local sweet muscadine grapes in a tangy tomato-vinegar-mustard base
*Joe Bud's Hot Everything Sauce: A Carolina mustard barbecue sauce that's hot & spicy, and great on everything from meats and poultry to seafood and veggies
*Little Boy's BBQ Sauce: Made in NC, both flavors are on sale: The tangy-sweet vinegar/tomato Chicken Splash that's wonderful on pulled pork as well as chicken, and the aptly-named Thick & Tasty BBQ Sauce made with tomatoes, molasses & apple cider vinegar, perfect for slathering on ribs, chicken & more
*Off the Hook Barbeque Sauce: A unique NC BBQ sauce that's tangy and mildy spicy, with a bold, savory flavor that's great for marinating, grilling, mopping, and dipping
*Outta The Park BBQ Sauce: A gourmet BBQ sauce made with organic tomatoes and brown sugar plus a bit of ginger & pepper for a mouthwatering flavor that starts off a little sweet and ends with a zippy kick
*Smokin' Cole's BBQ Sauce: An award-winning BBQ sauce from South Carolina that's bold and spicy (but not too hot), with a delicious sweet tang and hint of citrus
*Tarheel Premium Original BBQ Sauce: Made in NC, this tasty tomato-vinegar sauce perfectly balances sweetness, tang and peppery spice with just the right amount of body that's not too thick and not watery-thin
Texas Rib Rangers Barbeque Sauce: These are authentic Texas BBQ sauces that thick & rich & tomato-ey, and the Mild and Spicey flavors are on sale

Dry Rubs & Seasonings on Sale:
*Durn Good Seasoning Blends: Made in NC, all 4 flavors are on sale including the Original Durn Good Seasoning which is a traditional Southern spice blend, the zesty Cajun Spice Blend, the Caribbean-inspired Island Spice Blend, and the spicy Southwest Flavor Seasoning
*Mama T's Mesquite Flavored Seasoning & Dry Rub: Made on the NC Outer Banks, this seasoning adds authentic mesquite-grilled flavor to steaks & other foods
*Mama T's Tropical Seasoning & Dry Rub: Also from NC's Outer Banks, this herb & spice rub delivers true island flavor and is ideal for Cuban cuisine!
*Pluto's Caribbean Bliss Spice Blends: Made in NC by a Jamaican ex-pat, these spice blends have real Jamaican flavor, and the Mild and original Hot are on sale

Marinades & Dressings on Sale:
*Ann's Marinade, from Durn Good: Made in NC and developed by a hunter, this robust, savory marinade is wonderful with venison and other meats, and tenderizes tough cuts
*Melinda's Mango Coconut Pepper Sauce: Sweet & peppery, with rich tropical flavor that's fabulous on fish & seafood, chicken, pork, veggies & rice dishes, even stir-fry!
*Pluto's Paradise Potion: Made in NC and certified organic, this exquisite all-purpose marinade & sauce has the fragrant flavors of Jamaica but is NOT a jerk seasoning and is mild on the heat scale
*Thomas Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing: A unique blend of NC tomato BBQ sauce and gourmet balsamic vinaigrette, this dressing is amazingly delicious!
*Tortuga Mango & Ginger Stir Fry Sauce: Adds zesty tropical flavor to Caribbean and Asian dishes
*Tortuga Spicy Seafood Grill Sauce: Rich and savory island flavor for fish & seafood, with a peppery kick

Steak Sauce on Sale:
*Burning Asphalt Steak Sauces: From upstate NY, both the bold Homestyle Steak Sauce and the Sweet Pepper Steak & Dipping Sauce are on sale
*Raisin the Steak: A savory gourmet steak sauce sweetened with raisins plus a hint of citrus for sublime flavor
*Tortuga Caribbean Steak Sauce: A classic steak sauce with a tropical fruit twist and a touch of peppery heat

Pasta Sauce on Sale:
*Both varieties of Mama Thomas Spaghetti Sauce, including the bright & fresh Mama Thomas Marinara and the thick, rich Mama Thomas Pasta Sauce
*All 3 flavors of Santo & Josie Gourmet Sicilian Pasta Sauces, including Tomato-Artichoke, Tomato-Eggplant and Tomato-Olive

Sweet Stuff on Sale:
*All 4 varieties of Carolina Sauce Co. Pepper Jellies: Made in the NC mountains, these beautiful & tasty pepper jellies come in Red and Green, and each color comes in Mild and Hot
*Lilly's Gourmet Maple Butter: Made in NC, this old-fashioned maple treat is divine on pancakes, toast, waffles, sweet potatoes, bagels, in oatmeal, drizzled on ice cream, etc.
*Mrs. Picky Fanicky's Marmalades & Chutneys: Made in the NC mountains, the heavenly Apple Pie MmmMarmalade and the sweet-savory NC Apple Peach Chutney are both on sale
*Mullen's Apple Sauce: All-natural and addictively delicious, tastes like apple pie without the crust!
*Race City Sauce Works The "Revenooers" Smoked Habanero Jam: Made in NC, this award-winning sweet & fiery pourable jam makes a mouthwatering glaze for ribs & chicken, and also a condiment for steak, pork chops, turkey, etc.
*All 4 flavors of Thomas Gourmet Chutney from NC, including Apple, Mango, Green Tomato, and Peach

Wing Sauces on Sale:
*Anchor Bar Bleu Cheese Sauce: From the birthplace of Buffalo wings, this bleu cheese sauce is the perfect accompaniment for hot wings
*Burning Asphalt Ranch Wing Sauce: From upstate NY, this zesty wing sauce blends classic cayenne Buffalo wing sauce with cool & creamy ranch dressing
*The Distillery Buffalo Wing Sauces from NY's award-winning Distillery Restaurant & Bar, both the spicy Original and fiery Hot are on sale
*Melinda's All-Natural Buffalo Wing Sauce, blending fiery Habaneros with zesty cayennes - both the Hot and the Extra Hot are on sale
*Race City Sauce Works Bootleggers Bounty Whisky Barrel Wing Sauce: Made in NC with 8 different smoked chile peppers & a splash of bourbon in a savory, buttery base
*Tony's Birdland Wing Sauces: From Rochester NY, all 3 flavors of this unique wing sauce are on sale including zesty Mild, spicy Hot and tangy Sweet & Sour

Salsa & Relish on Sale
*Carolina Sauce Co. Habanero Pepper Relish: Made in the NC Mountains, fiery-hot, sweet & tangy with a pleasing cabbage crunch
*Carolina Sauce Co. Sweet Pepper Relish: Made in the NC mountains, naturally sweet & tangy, mild not spicy
*Just My Taste Jalapeno Sauce & Dip: Made in NC, packed with spicy jalapeno flavor, a great alternative to salsa & comes with free recipes!
*Red's Sweet Salsa: A NC original, this sweet tomato salsa is not fruity and is great with Tex Mex food

Mustard & Ketchup on Sale:
*Burning Asphalt Ketchups, including zesty Jalapeno Ketchup and blazin' Habanero Ketchup
*Melinda's Spicy Ketchups, made with all-natural ingredients, no HFCS, and the spicy Jalapeno Ketchup and smoky Chipotle Ketcup are on sale

Jamaican Jerks on Sale:
*Pickapeppa Jamaican Jerk Seasoning from Jamaica, with authentic flavor and fire
*Pluto's Organic Jamaican Jerk Sauces: Made in NC by a Jamaican ex-pat and full of rich & aromatic flavors, both the Mild and Hot are on sale
*Tortuga Jamaican Jerk Sauce: A feisty Jamaican jerk for marinating or enjoying at the table

Pickles & Snacks on Sale:
*Hot Dill Pickle Chips: Made in NC and packed with peppery, tangy flavor - perfect for spicing up burgers & sandwiches!
*Hot Pickled Garlic: Made in NC, you can enjoy these fiery pickled garlic cloves straight from the jar, sliced for salads & sandwiches, or chopped for recipes

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