Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tortuga Mango Ginger Sauce and Tortuga Sweet Heat Sauce are Back in Stock!

If you've been missing the zippy, fruity flavor of Tortuga Mango & Ginger Stir Fry Sauce, or the sweet and peppery heat of Tortuga Sweet Heat Caribbean Pepper Sauce, I have good news: Both of these tasty tropical sauces from the Tortuga Rum Cake Company are now back in stock at the Carolina Sauce Company online store! Made with all-natural ingredients including sweet ripe mangoes, tart tamarind, zesty ginger and just a dash of fiery scotch bonnet peppers, the Mango & Ginger Stir Fry Sauce is wonderful with all sorts of fish, seafood, chicken, veggie and rice dishes -- and not just for stir-fry dishes, either! I like to use it as a table sauce or condiment for fish and steamed vegetables, and also as a way to add some zip to Chinese takeout (it's amazing on lo mein) or leftover rice. You can also marinate shrimp in it, or serve it as a dipping sauce for kabobs and all sorts of fried finger-food. And if you're watching your salt intake or counting carbs, you can still enjoy this sauce because it has only 1 carb and 5 mg of sodium per teaspoon!

If you like a little more fire in your belly, but still appreciate exotic tropical flavors, then the Tortuga Sweet Heat Pepper Sauce is for you. The delicious surprise in this unusual hot sauce is Carambola, or star fruit, which adds a pleasantly tart tang along with natural sweet notes to the rich mustard & scotch bonnet base. This Caribbean pepper sauce is hot enough to please chiliheads, but not so fiery as to hurt your tongue or overpower your food. I enjoy Sweet Heat sauce on grilled dishes, especially seafood and poultry, and it's also good as a burger condiment, an addition to stews and ground beef recipes, and pretty much any way you'd use a fruity hot sauce. And unlike other sweet, fruity hot sauces, Tortuga Sweet Heat Caribbean Pepper Sauce has only 1 carb per teaspoon, so it won't blow your diet.

Both of these Tortuga sauces are currently on sale for only $3.35 a bottle, so stock up for your pantry and for giving as stocking-stuffers for Christmas!

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