Tuesday, December 7, 2010

5 Tasty Food Gift Ideas for Sports Fans & Sportsmen

If you're looking for a unique food gift this holiday season for a sports fan, athlete, or an outdoorsman who loves to hunt or fish, here are some tasty -- and affordable -- ideas from the Carolina Sauce Company:

1. Collegiate Hot Sauces: For the guy who loves his college basketball, football and other college sports, we have several great-tasting Louisiana-style hot sauces bearing the officially-licensed school name and mascot of his favorite team, including UNC Tar Heels Hot Sauce, NC State Wolfpack Hot Sauce, ECU Pirates Hot Sauce, and US Naval Academy Hot Sauce. Looking for a hot sauce from another college? Email us at sales"AT"carolinasauce"DOT"com or call us at 919-286-1080 and we'll see if we can special-order it for you!

2. Gifts for Tailgating: For that special someone who faithfully tailgates before every home game, give them our one-of-a-kind Tailgating Party Gift Set with 9 different sauces, seasonings, condiments and snacks to enjoy with burgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken, ribs, steaks and more -- only $45! And for the mustard connoisseur we have the Mustard Lover's Gift Set featuring a variety of 5 different mustards ranging from pleasantly piquant and sweet to insanely hot & spicy.

3. Gifts for Watching the Big Game at Home: For that buddy who always invites the gang over to watch the big game on the big flat-screen TV, we have several delicious choices including the Pepper Dog Salsa Gift Box with a jar each of Mild, Medium and Hot southwestern-style salsas, the spicier Pepper Dog Salsa & Rub Gift Box with Hot and Verde (medium) salsas plus a bottle of spicy BBQ Seasoning, our finger-licking-good Wing Sauce Gift Set with 4 different flavors of Buffalo wing sauce plus a bottle of Bleu Cheese dip, and our popular Snack Lover's Gift Set featuring BBQ peanuts, spicy popcorn, hot pickled garlic and spicy Ass-Kickin' Jelly Beans.

4. Gifts for the Sportsman: For the guy who loves to hunt and enjoys wild game, we have a special Hunter's Gift Set with sauces and seasonings that bring out the best in venison and other game (and are also excellent with beef, pork and chicken). If a fisherman or seafood lover is on your gift list, give them our Seafood Lover's Gift Set with 6 different sauces and seasonings to enjoy with fish and seafood, including gourmet crab cake sauce, tartar sauce and cocktail sauce, Blue Crab salsa, seafood seasoning and more!

5. Gifts for the Health-Conscious Athlete who Enjoys Good Food: Who said athletes can't be foodies? If you want a thoughtful and flavorful gift for someone who works out and watches what they eat but also appreciates zesty food, check out our extensive selection of healthy sauces, condiments, seasonings and snacks including Low Sodium and No Sodium products, Low Carb and No Carb sauces, Organic products, Kosher products, and Gluten-Free products.

Zestfully yours,

PS: Still can't decide what to get as a gift for someone with discriminating taste? Simply send a Carolina Sauce Co. Gift Certificate, and let them pick out the perfect sauces for their palate! Gift certificates are available in many different amounts to fit any budget, and they never expire -- plus we keep a record of them so they can never be "lost."

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