Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Need a Last-Minute Christmas Gift?

If you're like me, you haven't finished your Christmas shopping and still need a gift for at least one more person on your list -- and you're rapidly running out of time and ideas. While I can't buy you more time, I can suggest two easy Christmas gifts that are sure to bring a smile, and which require almost no effort on your part - and which will arrive by Christmas, too!

1. Send a Carolina Sauce Company gift certificate. Our gift certificates NEVER expire, and are impossible to lose because we keep a record in our system and can look them up if someone misplaces the emailed certificate. To send a Carolina Sauce gift certificate, simply select the amount you want for your certificate, enter the recipient's email address, and complete the online checkout process, and we will email the gift certificate to the recipient in 3 days, which means they'll have it on Christmas Day. If you prefer a paper gift certificate, simply enter YOUR email address as the "recipient", and you'll receive the certificate via email in 3 days (on Dec 25th if you order today) and can then print it out to hand to the person you want to give it to. Finally, if you need the gift certificate before Christmas Day, simply print out the email confirmation that you will receive right after you order the gift certificate - although that in itself is not a certificate, it's proof that you purchased it and that the recipient will get the actual certificate via email.

2. Send a Gift Basket, Flowers, or Gourmet Foods from one of our affiliates. Choose from bountiful themed gift baskets in every price range, gorgeous fresh flower bouquets directly from the growers and stunning floral arrangements, mouthwatering gourmet food gifts and more, all through specially-selected vendors including GrowerFlowers, LobsterGram, Wine Enthusiast, and more. Simply click on the boxes on the left column of this blog to visit one of our affiliates and view their offerings, and they can ship your gift so that it arrives in time for Christmas.

Hope that helps, and good luck with your last-minute holiday shopping!
Zestfully yours,

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