Saturday, March 19, 2011

All Tony's Birdland Wing Sauces are Back in Stock!

Love chicken wings? Tired of the same old Buffalo style wing sauce? Looking for a tasty wing sauce that you can enjoy on MORE than just wings? Tony's Birdland Wing Sauces are for you, AND all three flavors are back in stock at the Carolina Sauce Company! From the popular Tony's Birdland chain of chicken restaurants in Rochester, NY, Tony's Birdland sauces are tangy-sweet and finger-lickin' good on chicken wings, whether fried or baked, breaded or naked, boneless or whole.

Unlike tart vinegar-cayenne Buffalo wing sauces, Tony's Birdland wing sauces have a mellower, sweeter tomato and apple cider vinegar base that makes them uniquely versatile and food friendly. You can marinate, baste, grill and even stir-fry with Tony's Birdland sauces, and don't limit them to just chicken: They're excellent with shrimp, veggies and rice dishes, make a great glaze for ribs, or a dipping sauce for fries, onion rings, chicken nuggets and even fish sticks (yes, kids love Tony's Birdland sauces). The Mild wing sauce has just a touch of red pepper for spunky flavor, while the Hot ratchets up the heat level with a heftier dose of crushed red pepper. And for a non-spicy, Asian-inspired flavor sensation, try Tony's Birdland Sweet & Sour Wing Sauce on your chicken wings, or with fried rice, egg rolls, lo mein or your favorite Chinese takeout!

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