Saturday, March 26, 2011

Joe Bud's Everything Sauces are Back in Stock!

Both flavors of the award-winning Joe Bud's Everything Sauce are back in stock again at the Carolina Sauce Company! Made from a traditional South Carolina recipe that's been in Joe Bud's family for years, Joe Bud's Everything Sauce is a thick, savory and tangy mustard barbecue sauce that's famously good on all sorts of meat--including beef and pork ribs--plus chicken, venison, shrimp, grilled fish, kabobs, veggies, burgers, in baked beans or green beans, and anything else you can think of (hence the name "Everything Sauce"). The original recipe won the Gold Medal Winner for Best Mustard-Based BBQ/Glaze/Marinade at 2010 World Wide Mustard Competition. The hot version--which gets its pizzazz from a little extra dash of a secret spice blend--won a Scovie Award a few years back at the annual Fiery Foods competition held in New Mexico. Although this sauce is definitely rooted in the South Carolina BBQ tradition, Joe Bud now resides in North Carolina, and his sauces are part of the Goodness Grows in NC program recognizing the finest products made in North Carolina. Nearly impossible to find outside the Carolinas, you can order Joe Bud's Everything Sauce online directly from our secure website, or place your order by phone (919-286-1080) during business hours Monday through Friday.

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