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Carolina Sauce Newsletter: Get a Free Taste of NC BBQ Sauce!

FREE BBQ Sauce Sample & Coupon Sale

For a limited time only, receive a FREE sample of Jim's Own Homestyle BBQ Sauce with any product order at the Carolina Sauce Company online store when you use the coupon code JimsNews, no minimum purchase required! We'll also send you some new recipes for this award-winning North Carolina barbecue sauce along with your free sample, to help you get started enjoying a free taste of NC. ***But wait, there's more: Order $40 or more in products and you'll ALSO receive 10% off your product total when you enter the coupon code JimsNews online or mention the coupon when ordering by phone (919-286-1080). This coupon is good on all regularly-priced AND already discounted sale items, so now's the time to get ready for Memorial Day while saving on your favorite condiments, relishes & salsa, marinades, BBQ & grilling sauces, snacks and even hot sauce. Don't delay, because the JimsNews coupon expires on Friday, May 27, 2011.

Featured Recipes

Here are a couple of easy, mouthwatering recipes featuring Jim's Own BBQ Sauce:

Jim's Own Baby Back Ribs (by Jim Arnold, creator of Jim's Own Sauce)
1 rack plain baby back ribs
1 bottle of Jim's Own BBQ Sauce, Original Homestyle or spicy Hot

Preheat oven to 250F degrees. Cut the rack of ribs into two-rib sections. Bake the plain ribs in a covered pan at 250F for approx. 2 hours. Remove from oven and brown the ribs slightly on the grill over medium coals. Reduce heat and baste with Jim's Own Sauce, at least 3 times per side, until ribs are done.

Pan-Fried Butterflied Chicken Breasts on Burger Buns (by Marilene Van Schalwyk)
4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts
1 Tbs vegetable oil for frying
1 Tbs soy sauce
McCormick's Vegetable Sprinkle
1/2 cup Jim's Own BBQ Sauce, Original Homestyle or Hot
4 Hamburger Buns

Butterfly the chicken by cutting 3/4 of the way through the breast and flipping it open to form a heart shape. Add oil to frying pan and heat. Place the chicken breasts in the pan, season with Vegetable Sprinkle and add soy sauce to the pan. Cook until browned, then flip over each breast and add Jim's Own BBQ Sauce to the pan. Continue cooking over medium heat until completely cooked through and browned on each side. Serve each breast on a burger bun with your favorite toppings--we like a slice of cheddar cheese, some lettuce, and a slice of tomato. You can also use the Tomato Relish (FREE recipe provided when you use the JimsNews coupon code with any order at the Carolina Sauce Company, through 5/27/11).

A Note from a Soldier

Earlier this week I received the following email from an Army Platoon Sergeant serving in Afghanistan, who had received a free gift box of North Carolina sauces through Operation Sauce Drop, our non-profit program that sends free BBQ sauce and hot sauce to US military personnel stationed abroad:

"Please thank everyone involved in sending me the sauce gift box. We plan to enjoy them when we have chicken fingers, which is usually once a week. I want you to know the soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen I work with truly appreciate everything the Carolina Sauce Company is doing for the troops. Most of my guys rarely receive care packages of any kind, so anytime I receive gifts or packages I ensure they are the first to help empty the contents. Attached is a picture of me with the sauces, please continue your efforts in supporting the troops."

To date, we've shipped 1,080 free gift boxes to our deployed military, at absolutely NO cost to them. The troops truly appreciate the free sauces, as you can see from their many thank-you notes & photos. Our cost to purchase and ship each free gift box generally runs about $25, and 100% of all donations received are used SOLELY to pay for the cost of the sauces & shipping. Carolina Sauce pays for all the overhead of the program and also for a portion of the costs of each gift box. Gift box requests often outpace donations, and in fact at this time we have pending 2 requests that we are unable to fulfill because the program is presently out of funds. Please help us send a soldier a taste of home by donating to Operation Sauce Drop. You can also shop to support Operation Sauce Drop, where some or all of the purchase price of the products goes straight into Operation Sauce Drop (you get the products you order, and the money you pay is used to send free sauce to the troops). Our troops will thank you for your support!

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