Sunday, May 15, 2011

Having Trouble with the May Newsletter Coupon?

Some customers wanting to use our May Newsletter coupon for a free sample of NC BBQ sauce have reported trouble using the coupon for orders of less than $40 in products. For some strange reason, some folks are getting an error message saying that the coupon is valid only for orders of $40 or more--yet when we look into this, their order shows the newsletter coupon on our end. Please rest assured that our May newsletter coupon WILL get you a free sample of Jim's Own Homestyle BBQ Sauce, regardless of the total amount of your order. You don't need to purchase $40 in products to get the sample--as our newsletter states, there's no minimum order required to get the free sample of Jim's Own BBQ Sauce. Simply enter the coupon code and we can see it on our end, even if you can't on yours. If you want to be extra-safe, you can also enter the coupon code in the "Comments" or "Gift Message" fields of the online order form. Either way, however, we will include the free sample of sauce with your order, and I apologize for any confusion.

If you DO order $40 or more in products, the May Newsletter coupon code will get you the free sample AND also a 10% discount off your product total. The coupon code is available in the May Newsletter on this blog, and also on the official Carolina Sauce Facebook page in the Coupons section.

Zestfully yours,

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