Thursday, May 19, 2011

Farewell to Dave's Soyabi

Sadly, our suppliers tell us that the rumors are true: Dave's Gourmet has discontinued production of their Asian-inspired marinade, Dave's Gourmet Soyabi Sauce. We sold our last 6 bottles earlier this week, and we're unable to get anymore. I will miss this savory-sweet soy-wasabi dipping sauce and marinade, which was perfect for sushi, spring rolls, tempura, tuna, salmon and all sorts of Asian dishes. Although we don't have any other similar sauces that blend soy sauce with wasabi, sesame oil and ginger, we do still offer two other wasabi products for fans of the sinus-clearing rhizome: The exotic and elegant Blair's Q Heat Wasabi Green Tea Sauce, which adds jalapenos and ginger for flavorful fusion flair, and crunchy Wasabi Peanuts, which are even more addictive and delicious than the ubiquitous wasabi peas found in grocery stores.

If you're searching for a new savory soy-based marinade, I recommend Ann's Marinade, made here in North Carolina and currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company. I haven't tried adding Asian ingredients such as wasabi, ginger or sesame oil to Ann's Marinade, but it's certainly worth a try to see if you can get a flavor similar to the now-gone Soyabi Sauce. But even without such kitchen experiments, I can say that Ann's Marinade is excellent on its own merits, especially with wild game and with leaner or less-expensive cuts of meat, because Ann's Marinade will penetrate tough meats to infuse them with rich flavor (and eliminate any "gamey" flavors) while also tenderizing them. I hope you'll give Ann's Marinade a try--and if you experiment with it to try to replicate the flavor of Dave's Soyabi, please do share the results by leaving a comment here!

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