Monday, November 21, 2011

Gift Certificates Now Available at Carolina Sauce!

Just in time for the holidays, Gift Certificates and Gift Cards are now available at the Carolina Sauce Company!  And these aren't your run-of-the-mill, unoriginal gift certificates, either--take a look at some of these possibilities:

*Gift certificates for gourmet bacon, bacon-flavored foods, bacon candy, bacon-themed apparel & novelties, and every imaginable gift for the person who loves bacon

*Hot Sauce and BBQ Sauce gift certificates from InsaneChicken, for the chilehead who says there's nothing hot enough (let them pick their own poison) and the master of the barbecue grill or smoker who's always looking for new sauces to try

*Gift certificates from, redeemable for over 60,000 different kitchen and cooking items, from cookbooks to cookware, tableware, small appliances, cutlery and virtually anything else a home chef would ever want

*Gift certificates for exotic meats like wild boar, antelope, kangaroo, alligator, pheasant, buffalo, venison, etc., all naturally raised and of the highest quality, previously only available to professional chefs

And that's just a sampling!  So if you have someone on your Christmas list who is notoriously difficult to shop for, or if you're running out of time or ideas, make sure to visit our Gift Certificates and Gift Cards page to find the perfect gift.

Zestfully yours,
Sausage of the Month Club
PS:  And for the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year, check out our Monthly Food Clubs, including Sauces of the Month, Salsa of the Month, Swine & Wine clubs, Rib or Sausage of the Month, Gourmet Food Clubs and more!

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