Thursday, November 3, 2011

Think Outside the Jar for Zesty Sandwich Condiments

Sandwich Roast Beef & Gomashio Are you guilty of automatically reaching for a jar of bland mayonnaise or ho-hum yellow mustard when slapping some cold cuts on bread for a quick sandwich?  It's time to think outside the jar and add some zest to your sandwich!  Here are three of my favorite ways to bring an ordinary sandwich to new heights of flavor:

1.  Marie Sharp's Exotic Sauce:  Similar to a steak sauce, but with brighter, livelier flavors and a subtle touch of tropical fruit with a feisty peppery finish, this all-natural condiment from Belize is amazingly good with roast beef, burgers, and other hearty sandwiches.  Do you have some leftover rotisserie chicken or roast turkey?  Make a sandwich and splash on some of this sauce for a real treat.

2.  Blues BBQ Chipotle Mustard Pepper Sauce:  Sure, it's a hot sauce, but its rich texture and mustard flavor make it the perfect fiery alternative to everyday mustard.  The chipotle adds a smoky depth that works wonders with chicken, turkey and ham sandwiches.

  3.  DEFCON Wing Sauces:  These award-winning Buffalo style wing sauces are simply too good to be limited to chicken-wing use alone.  Surprisingly thick and creamy, they're great for adding tang and spice to roast chicken or turkey sandwiches as well as any meat sandwich.  Stir some DEFCON sauce into your favorite tuna salad, chicken salad or even egg salad to wake up your taste buds.  I prefer to use the mildest (DEFCON 3) or medium (DEFCON 2) for sandwiches, but if you're a serious chilehead you might prefer the ultra-hot DEFCON 1.

And if you're a purist and insist on using mustard and/or ketchup in your sandwiches, then it's time to think outside the grocery store and try some of these unique, flavor-packed mustard and ketchup brands that you can get from the Carolina Sauce Company.

What's your favorite sandwich condiment that's "outside the jar?"  Please leave a comment to let us know!

Zestfully yours,

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