Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Spicy Take on Honey Mustard

Tobago Keys Spicy Honey Mustard
A rich, creamy honey mustard that balances sweetness and tang can be hard to find--and if you're interested in such a honey mustard that's also spicy, it's darn near impossible... until now.

The Carolina Sauce Company is now your source for the fabled Tobago Keys Royale Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce, a habanero-heated blend of real honey, yellow mustard, mayonnaise, and other natural ingredients including just the right amount of fiery habanero peppers, for a honey mustard of incomparable taste, versatility and peppery zip.

Whether you use this spicy honey mustard as a salad dressing or as a marinade, a sandwich spread or grilling and basting sauce, at the table or in a recipe, Tobago Keys Honey Mustard will not disappoint. Most people will find it milder in heat than another popular sweet and spicy mustard, Dave's Gourmet Hurtin' Habanero Honey Mustard, and more velvety-smooth on the palate, too, for that "homemade" mouthfeel that's often lacking in bottled honey mustards.

In addition to its obvious use as a creamy dressing for salads and cooked vegetables or as a dipping sauce for raw veggies or fried snacks (e.g., jalapeno poppers, chicken tenders, French fries, onion rings, etc.), this honey mustard adds a feisty kick to deviled eggs, chicken salad and creamy coleslaw. It's excellent as a sauce for grilled, broiled or steamed fish as well as with roasted chicken. Enjoy it in your sandwiches and wraps, too, whether filled with smoked turkey or other cold cuts or even with sliced vegetables, cheese and sprouts. The possibilities are limited only by your culinary creativity.

You can find Tobago Keys Honey Mustard online on our Hot & Spicy Mustards page.

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