Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jim's Own Sauces are Back--Plus Jim's Rubs!

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After a long absence, we are THRILLED to bring you Jim's Own Bar-B-Q Sauce again on the Carolina Sauce Company website! We've recently partnered with the manufacturer, Gentlewoods Food Co., to bring you these award-winning, tangy-sweet North Carolina barbecue sauces, which are fabulous for splashing on pulled pork BBQ, basting ribs (beef or pork), marinating & grilling chicken, and more.

Jim's Own Sauces are made in the Lexington (aka western NC or Piedmont) style with vinegar, tomatoes, spices and a touch of sugar. The mild original, Jim's Own Homestyle BBQ sauce, is back along with the fiery Hot version, AND we also have two new varieties: Jim's Own Mustard BBQ Sauce, made in the low-country or South Carolina style but with that signature Jim's Own tangy sweetness, plus Jim's Own Smokey BBQ Sauce, with a robust, natural smoky flavor that enhances the original recipe and adds just a touch of spice without getting it too hot.

All four flavors of Jim's Own Barbecue Sauces are available in three sizes to suit all your BBQ, grilling and cooking needs: The popular 16oz bottles that have always been one of our best-selling products; Plastic 32oz quart bottles that are a favorite among larger families and folks who frequently host cookouts or simply want to save some money by buying this "economy" size; and NEW plastic gallon jugs, which are perfect for large parties, family reunions, pig-pickins' and other special events as well as for restaurant or other commercial applications. You can also order by the case, too: The pints and quarts come 12 to a case, and the gallon jugs come 4 to a case.

Buy Jim's Own Rubs
But that's not all: Jim's Own has recently come out with their own savory, zesty all-purpose dry rubs, available in Mild and Smokey!  Consistent with their tangy-sweet and flavor-packed barbecue sauces, Jim's Own Rubs feature rich BBQ spices and herbs with just a touch of sweetness and zip. The Mild is subtly sweet with a rich paprika flavor, while the Smokey Rub showcases smoked peppers and hints of caramel for a depth of flavor that helps your food taste "char-grilled" even if grilled over gas or cooked indoors. Rub or pat either rub on raw meat, poultry and seafood before cooking, or sprinkle on veggies before and after grilling for amazing, mouthwatering flavor. The rubs are available by the case, too, with 6 packages to a case.

You can shop for any or all of these fine Jim's Own products on our Jim's Own Sauces & Rubs page, and listed on our *NEW* North Carolina Products page along with all the other NC products we currently offer. And stay tuned, as we'll soon have Jim's Own Gift Baskets, aprons, and other Jim's Own items that make great gifts for barbecue lovers!

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