Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bacon Mustard is Here!

Jim Beam Bacon Mustard
Jim Beam Bacon Mustard
There's a popular saying that "bacon makes everything better" (or, if you prefer, "everything's better with bacon"), so it should come as no surprise that bacon makes that ubiquitous cookout condiment, yellow mustard, MUCH better.

Jim Beam Bacon Mustard might look like your everyday mustard when you first squeeze it out of the bottle, but once you taste it you'll discover a whole new realm of deliciousness. Beginning with a traditional ballpark-style yellow mustard-turmeric-vinegar base that's a little bit tangy and pungent, a splash of real Jim Beam Kentucky bourbon whiskey adds mellow depth and hints of caramel while natural bacon flavor provides a subtle smoky meatiness that will have your mouth watering at first bite.
This is the kind of mustard that will tempt hard-core vegetarians into becoming "closet" bacon-eaters.

If you're wondering what it's good on, then you're thinking too much: Jim Beam Bacon Mustard tastes like bacon and so it makes EVERYTHING better, of course! In all seriousness, however, it's a natural with burgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, sausage, ham or turkey sandwiches and all other meat-related "applications." It also adds smoky, bacon-y richness to deviled eggs and prepared salads that call for mustard--especially chicken salad made from smoked chicken, or everyday egg or pasta salad and the like. And you can substitute bacon mustard for ordinary supermarket yellow mustard in any other recipes calling for mustard if you want to enhance the flavor.

Jim Beam Bacon Mustard and many other hard-to-find mustard and ketchup products, are now on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company online store.

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PS: If you're looking for some bacon ketchup to go with the bacon mustard, we have it: Check out Slappin' Fat Bacon Ketchup, also on sale.

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