Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Creepiest, Scariest Sauces for Halloween

The Ghost Hot Sauce
Some holidays are strongly linked with a specific food, so much so that the mere mention of the holiday brings to mind its trademark food.

For Thanksgiving, it's turkey.

For Easter, it's ham (or maybe chocolate bunnies if you're a kid, or a kid at heart).

For Halloween, it's......   Hot Sauce!

Contrary to popular belief, candy is not the perfect Halloween food.  For me, it's hot sauce. After all, spicy foods and chili peppers can be pretty scary in terms of heat level (the aptly-named "ghost pepper" immediately comes to mind), and there are plenty of frighteningly fiery hot sauces with creepy labels and fear-inspiring names.  In support of my claim, I present to you my list of the top ten creepiest, scariest hot sauces for Halloween:

10.  The Ghost Hot Sauce: Made with the notorious bhut jolokia "ghost pepper," The Ghost hot sauce will continue to haunt your tongue and mouth long after it's gone. Made in the Caribbean style with carrots and papaya in a lime juice and vinegar base, this hot sauce has one of the scarier ghost labels on the market, making it a good choice for displaying on Halloween.
Fear Hot Sauce

9.  Fear Hot Sauce: The eerie, blood-spattered spectral image on the label of this jolokia hot sauce reminds me of the movie "The Ring." Approach this extreme hot sauce with extreme care, and be ready to get scared.

8.  You Can't Handle This Hot Sauce: This classic ultra-hot hot sauce taunts you with its name and the smirking demon daring you try it. Its exotic molasses-cinnamon-cloves flavor initially seduces you and just when you think you're safe, the fiery heat blasts you out of nowhere. CAN you handle this hot sauce?? Try it and find out.

7.  The Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Gift Box: This hot sauce gift box comes with four full-size bottles of popular and powerful ghost pepper hot sauces, making it an ideal gift for anyone who craves the punishing punch of the naga jolokia chile. It's also a great value for a Halloween party.

Bat's Brew Hot Sauce
6.  Bat's Brew Hot Sauce: Hailing from the Transylvania, Louisiana area, this intensely hot habanero & jalapeno hot sauce is a natural choice for gracing a Halloween dinner table or party buffet spread. It also makes an excellent spicy marinade for chicken, meat, shrimp and seafood.

5.  Zakk Wylde's Berserker Shot to Hell Hot Sauce: From the makers of the skull-decorated Blair's Death hot sauces, this insanely intense hot sauce is nightmare-inducing both in its packaging and in its heat. Made from two types of habaneros, jolokia pepper, cayenne, chipotle and pepper extract, one taste and you'll swear you've been shot to hell.

Ass Reaper Hot Sauce
4.  Ass Reaper Hot Sauce: With its skull-topped cap wearing a black cloth cape, this grim-reaper themed hot sauce is an obvious choice for displaying on Halloween. Habaneros, scotch bonnet peppers and African pepper extract deliver an equally frightful heat level.

3.  Widow No Survivors Hot Sauce: This one is high on my list of terrifying hot sauces simply because of the black widow spider on the label and the large, realistic plastic black spider that comes attached to the neck of the bottle. Arachnophobes beware...

2.  Satan's Blood Hot Sauce:  This had been my favorite Halloween hot sauce for years, not just because of its name and the intimidating devil image but because of its unique bottle shape, reminiscent of old vials of poison or dangerous laboratory concoctions. Satan's Blood is a pure pepper extract rather than a hot sauce, so handle with extreme caution and never serve directly on food.

Pure Evil/Ultra Death 1 Million Scoville Club
1.  Pure Evil & Blair's Ultra Death 1 Million Scoville Club: This is my new favorite hot sauce selection for Halloween. Pure Evil is all-natural 15 million SHU strength pure capsaicin in a dropper bottle, and Blair's Ultra Death is a naga jolokia pepper sauce packing over 1 million SHU (and it comes with the legendary Blair's skull keychain). You get both of these shockingly hot items when you order the 1 Million Scoville Club Gift Set.

What is YOUR favorite hot sauce or food for Halloween? Leave us a comment to let us know.
Happy Halloween, y'all!

Zestfully yours,

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