Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Calavera Hot Sauce: Scary-Hot & Perfect for Halloween

Calavera Hot Sauce
Add "hot sauce" to your list of scary Halloween props.

Calavera Hot Sauce's intense and unrelenting burn is as frightening and dangerous as any Halloween ghoul. Made from the two hottest pepper varieties on the planet -- India's bhut jolokia (aka naga jolokia or ghost pepper) and Trinidad's moruga scorpion chili -- this ultra-hot sauce doesn't need any artificial extracts or added capsaicin oil to boost its firepower any further. Please trust me when I tell you that all you will need to add searing heat to any dish is a micro-droplet from a toothpick. And if you are going to use Calavera in a recipe, please start off with just one or two drops first, to let you get a good sense of its unforgiving intensity before you risk scorching the taste buds off your tongue or destroying your digestive system.

If the preceding description has scared you away from actually eating Calavera hot sauce, please don't let it deter you from buying it: Its colorful "death's head" label makes it an eye-catching, novel and very appropriate Halloween decoration, especially if you're hosting a Halloween party.

For those of you who are experienced with super-hot hot sauces and enjoy them on food and in recipes, you'll be interested in knowing that Calavera is more than just another scary-hot sauce. In addition to the jolokia and scorpion peppers, which happen to be the main two ingredients in this caustic condiment, Calavera is made with other natural ingredients including tomato, onion, garlic and other vegetables plus black pepper and chili powder to enhance and broaden the layers of heat. All of this is blended in a tangy two-vinegar base (cider and distilled), with a squeeze or two of lemon juice for a hint of bright citrus. In short, this extreme hot sauce scores well on flavor as well as fire.

Buy Calavera Hot Sauce online while it's on sale at the Carolina Sauces online store -- but don't delay; if you want to have this hot sauce in time for Halloween, be sure to order today!

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