Monday, October 21, 2013

Limited-Time Sales at Carolina Sauces: Read This for Coupons

Click here for Facebook coupon
The Carolina Sauces online store is holding TWO limited-time coupon sales!

You can save either 5% or 7% off your product total if you have the right coupon code and shop online before the coupon expires.

How do you get one of these coupon codes?

There are two ways:

1. Like us on Facebook: This gets you the 5% off coupon, which is posted on our FB cover picture. The Facebook coupon is good through midnight on Halloween (that's October 31st, in case you're chronologically challenged). In case you're wondering, the cover pic looks like the one on the left here, except that on our FB page it includes text with the coupon code.

OR, for 7% off:

2. Join the Carolina Sauce VIP Club before Friday Oct. 25th. Our VIP Club is FREE, and in addition to your 7% off coupon (which is good through midnight on 10/25) we'll send you a copy of our October VIP Newsletter, with info on our newest products, a BBQ Rub Giveaway from our friends at Jim's Own Sauce, and a zesty cheese dip recipe that you can make with or without meat. As a VIP Club member, you'll receive our free monthly newsletter with recipes, cooking & grilling tips, new products, and the biggest discounts & best coupons we offer, exclusively for our VIPs. We email you only once a month, and you can unsubscribe anytime. Sign up here, or you can email me and I'll sign you up. Either way, do so before this Friday if you want your October VIP coupon for 7% off.

There you have it, two ways to save either 5% or 7% off at our online store.

Any questions? Simply leave a comment below or on our Facebook page, or email me.

Zestfully yours,

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