Thursday, July 30, 2009

Melinda's Mango Coconut Pepper Sauce

Fresh, juicy mango and naturally sweet flaked coconut are a match made in paradise, or at least in a Caribbean or Southeast Asian kitchen. The folks who make Melinda's Habanero Sauces have taken these two tropical delicacies and blended them with other all-natural ingredients -- including just the right amount of fiery habanero peppers to tickle your taste buds -- to create Melinda's Mango Coconut Pepper Sauce, truly a taste of paradise. This versatile sauce captures the essence of sunny tropical cuisine and helps you prepare amazing gourmet fish, seafood, poultry and pork dishes with minimal effort. Perhaps the easiest way to enjoy this sweet and spicy sauce is as a finishing sauce or table sauce for grilled foods, but it's also a tasty marinade, an exotic dipping sauce for egg rolls and satays and fried shrimp, and even a glaze for kabobs. One of my favorite ways to enjoy Melinda's Mango Coconut Pepper Sauce is with skewers of grilled pork or shrimp, fresh pineapple chunks, bell peppers and onions. You can even pour it on fried rice and lo mein as an alternative to duck sauce!

If you're like me and enjoy sauces with interesting textures, you won't be disappointed with Melinda's Mango Coconut Pepper Sauce: It's got a nice spoon-coating consistency that helps it stick to your food without running or dripping off, and there are plenty of little flakes of real coconut to entertain your tongue and add visual appeal to this lovely orange-yellow sauce. The sweetness comes from the fruit and from the addition of real sugar - there's no high fructose corn syrup here! And amazingly, despite its naturally sweet taste, Melinda's Mango Coconut Pepper Sauce is low carb, with only 1 gram of carbs per serving (15 ml, which is 1 Tablespoon). Like other Melinda's sauces, this one is all natural, with no artificial preservatives or colors. In short, you can feel good about enjoying this good sauce! Melinda's Mango Coconut Pepper Sauce is currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company online store.

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