Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hottest Hot Sauces

We often have customers ask us what's the hottest hot sauce we sell. Other customers want to know how hot a specific hot sauce is, or how it compares to the typical hot pepper sauce from a grocery store. As many serious chileheads know, the heat level of a hot pepper or hot sauce is measured in "Scoville Units" or SUs (a topic for a later day), with mild bell peppers rating a 0, Louisiana hot sauce and Tabasco(R) brand hot sauce a respectable 2,500 to 5,000 SUs, jalapeno peppers up to a serious 15,000 SUs, and habaneros from a painful 100,000 to a dangerous 350,000+ SUs. Great care must be taken when handling a hot pepper or using a hot sauce in the 100,000+ SU range, because the capsaicin oil or extract can seriously burn soft tissue. All of the hottest hot sauces available at the Carolina Sauce Company are in this "danger zone," and we've listed them below beginning with the #1 hottest hot sauce we carry. If you're brave (or crazy) enough to actually use any of these hot sauces, all you'll need is a toothpick drop to season an entire pot of chili - and it'll be the hottest chile you ever made!

1. Da Bomb The Final Answer, packing a mind-blowing 1.5 million SUs
2. Satan's Blood, with 800,000 SUs
**FYI, military grade pepper spray comes in at a "wimpy" 500,000 SUs**
3. Da Bomb Ground Zero, recently rated at 234,000 SUs
4. Black Mamba Venomous Hot Sauce
5. Blair's Mega Death
6. Dave's Private Reserve Insanity Sauce, anywhere between 200,000 to 300,000+ SUs, depending on the edition
7. Venom Xtreme Hot Sauce, supposedly rating in the 95,000 SUs range but somehow delivering an even more intense, unforgiving burn
8. Mad Dog .357, made with habaneros that rate 357,000 SUs
9. You Can't Handle This Hot Sauce, which is aptly named
10. Predator Great White Shark, rating at least 175,000 SUs
11. Vicious Viper
12. Liquid Stoopid
13. Da Bomb Beyond Insanity, usually rated at 119,700 SUs
14. Dave's Ultimate Insanity Sauce
15. Widow, No Survivors
16. Blair's Sudden Death
17. Dave's Insanity Sauce, the original "hottest sauce in the universe"

Of course, if you prefer something tamer, we have plenty of other hot sauces to choose from. But if you like to play with fire, any of the above will do, or you can treat yourself to our bargain-priced Ultra-Hot Gift Set. Stay tuned for more information on Scoville units and the insane world of food additives and ultra-hots!
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