Friday, August 17, 2007

Rothschild Raspberry Thunder Sauce is Back!

Over a year ago, there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth among fans of Robert Rothschild's Hot Raspberry Thunder Sauce, when the company announced that it was discontinuing this fiery hot, sweet and fruity sauce. After much public outcry, Rothschild wisely reconsidered their unpopular decision, and recently relaunched its Raspberry Thunder Sauce, repackaged in an easy-to-pour 8 oz bottle. And it's now available at the Carolina Sauce Company! Hot Raspberry Thunder Sauce begins innocently enough, with a thick, sweet and slightly tangy raspberry base - but then the seriously hot - and we mean HOT - burn begins to build, thanks to a blend of peppers and a dash of capsaicin extract. If you dare, you can use Raspberry Thunder Sauce "straight" as a condiment for grilled and roasted meats, pork and chicken, or you can tame it down a bit by blending with cream cheese for a sandwich spread or party dip, or you can mix some with mayonnaise for use in potato salad or chicken salad. Order a bottle today, and let us know how you use Rothschild's Hot Raspberry Thunder Sauce!
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