Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rachel’s Chicken Nachos

These nachos are a delicious change from traditional chicken nachos - plus, cooking the chicken in the crock pot results in very tender and juicy meat, unlike the flavorless, dried-out chicken usually found on restaurant chicken nachos. Simply start the chicken in the crock pot a few hours before lunch or dinner, and assemble the nachos when you're ready to eat.

Boneless skinless chicken breasts (as many as you need for the people you have to feed)
1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
Shredded cheddar and/or pepperjack cheese, as much as you like
Tortilla chips (as much as you need for the people you have to feed)
1 Bottle Greg's Hot 'n Bothered Sauce

Place chicken breasts in a crock pot and pour enough Greg's Hot 'n Bothered Sauce to cover the chicken. Cook in the crock pot until done - this takes a few hours, so start the chicken and set the temperature according to when you will want to have the nachos ready.
Once the chicken is cooked and you are ready to eat, spread the tortilla chips on a large microwave-safe plate. Remove chicken from crock pot and pull apart or cut into bite-sized pieces. Place chicken pieces on the tortilla chips, together with the drained black beans, and sprinkle the shredded cheese over everything. Cook in the microwave until the cheese melts. Serve and enjoy!

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