Friday, August 24, 2007

Rumboggies BBQ Sauces in Stock Again!

Our latest shipment of Rumboggies Barbeque Sauces from Florida arrived today, and all four flavors are once again back in stock! The Southern Style flavors come in Mild, Hot, and Honey Mustard, and are traditional "low country" style mustard based barbecue sauces commonly found in South Carolina, Florida and other southern states. These sauces are particularly lip-smacking good on chicken, and take nicely to pork and other meats as well. The mild Sweet Hickory Sauce from Rumboggies is closer in flavor to barbecue sauces found in Texas and Kansas City, with a sweet smokiness that brings out the best in ribs. Rumboggies BBQ Sauces have won numerous awards and are virtually impossible to find outside of Florida, so we're glad we can make them available to you online wherever you might be!
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