Monday, September 10, 2007

Blues Habanero Reserve Hot Sauce

North Carolina is known better for its pulled pork BBQ than for its hot sauces, but I have a feeling that's about to change, thanks to Blue's Habanero Reserve Hot Sauce, the First Place Champion in both the Critics' Choice and the People's Choice categories of the first annual NC Hot Sauce Contest held this past weekend in Oxford, NC. Made in the little town of Concord, NC, by the same folks who brought us the tamer but just as tasty Blue's Carolina Pepper Sauce (which is wonderful on pulled pork BBQ and collard greens, by the way), Blue's Habanero Reserve Hot Sauce is an inspired blend of Red Savina habanero peppers (the hottest strain of habaneros) and other fiery hot peppers in a rich and tangy tomato-lemon-vinegar base that's not thin and runny or harshly tart like your typical vinegar-based hot sauce. The use of multiple varieties of hot peppers creates complex layers of heat that you experience on different parts of your tongue and mouth, but only after you first taste the sweetly ripe tomatoes that give great body to this sauce. In addition to the superb flavor, you'll enjoy a heat that builds gradually to serious intensity but without searing your taste buds to the point that all you get is pain without being able to taste your food.

Don't get me wrong: Blue's Habanero Reserve Hot Sauce is hot enough to give me an endorphin rush when I splash it on my food (and it's good on just about anything except dessert!). But its great taste and fiery heat serve to complement and not kill the other flavors on your plate, making for quite a sensory delight. And you've gotta love the unique, eye-catching label, too! So try a bottle of the award-winning Blue's Habanero Reserve Hot Sauce today, and go ahead and treat yourself to Blue's Carolina Pepper Sauce for when you need a gentler touch of peppery spice.

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