Wednesday, September 12, 2007

World's Best Spare Ribs

OK, so maybe I'm a wee bit biased, but I really think the following recipe makes the world's best spare ribs - and I'm really, really picky about my ribs. But don't take my word for it: Get yourself a bottle of Greg's Happy Sauce and try the following recipe for yourself! FYI, you'll need a smoker to do this right, or you can do the "Cheater's Ribs" version.

World's Best Spare Ribs: Take a full rack of spare ribs and cut the membrane off of the bottom. Rub with a little salt and chili powder (not too much, just enough to bring out some flavor). Smoke at low heat (225 degrees) until the meat starts to pull back from the bone. Baste the ribs liberally with Greg's Happy Sauce , and keep cooking until you can grab a bone and twist off a rib. If you have to chop your ribs, they're not done. A full rack can take 6-8 hours.

Cheater's Ribs: If you want to do something fast that will appear as ribs, you can purchase "Country Ribs" in many meat markets in North Carolina. It's really just pork butt cut into the shape of ribs, but you can marinate those in Greg's Happy Sauce overnight in the refrigerator, and then cook on low heat on your grill or under the broiler until they're done (maybe an hour). Or you can do baby back ribs -- just marinate overnight in Greg's Happy Sauce, and grill them like you normally would grill your baby back ribs.

If you're lucky, Greg's Happy Sauce is available in a store near you and you won't have to pay for shipping - here's our list of stores that sell Greg's Happy Sauce.

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