Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dave's Insanity Private Reserve, 2007 Edition

Dave's Gourmet Insanity Sauce is considered to be the original "hottest sauce in the universe", and to this day it's the only sauce ever to have been banned from the Fiery Foods Show for being, well, too insanely hot. That was years ago, before the "ultra-hot" craze swept the chile pepper-loving world. Indeed, the original Dave's Insanity Sauce began an arms race of sorts, with specialty hot sauce manufacturers trying to outdo each other by increasing the amount and potency of capsaicin extract in their latest ultra-hot creation. Not to be outdone, Dave's Gourmet decided to create a very special ultra-hot sauce for serious collectors and connoisseurs, made from select aged habaneros blended with unique seasonings and issued each year in very small quantities (like a rare vintage wine). Each bottle of Dave's Gourmet Insanity Private Reserve Hot Sauce is individually numbered and hand-signed by Dave himself, and is packaged in a wooden coffin with yellow "caution" tape, making it a great gift for chileheads and a nifty conversation piece on your dinner table or in your tailgating crate/picnic basket.

About two to three times hotter than Dave's original Insanity Sauce, Dave's Private Reserve Insanity Sauce is unbelievably hot and should only be used one micro-drop (from a toothpick) at a time in food as you cook it - it's simply too intense to be added directly to served food, and no, we're not exaggerating (think "military-grade pepper spray" and you'll be in the ballpark for heat level).

Here at Carolina Sauce Company, we're proud to announce that the 2007 edition of Dave's Gourmet Insanity Private Reserve has finally arrived! Unlike other hot sauces, Dave's Insanity Private Reserve can become a valuable collectible because of the limited quantity made each year and the fact that each bottle is numbered, stamped with the "vintage year", and hand-signed. Dave's Gourmet reports that an early edition sold for about $1,000 a few years ago - not bad for a hot sauce! This "king of the hot sauces" tends to sell out quickly, and because it's produced in such small quantities, once it's gone it's gone. So don't delay - order today to get your 2007 edition of Dave's Private Reserve for yourself, or to give as a special gift!

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