Saturday, November 15, 2008

Free Recipes with Olio & Spices Sauces

Newsflash: Free recipes now come with each flavor of Olio & Spices Sauces from Israel! All 5 delicious varieties turn everyday meals into gourmet dining experiences, without having to slave for hours in the kitchen. Versatile, all-natural and Kosher Parev OU, Olio & Spices Sauces are the creation of an inspired chef for his family restaurant in the Israeli countryside, and you can taste the love and care that went into making each product. And now you can try some of the recipes that have made the Olio & Spices product line an international culinary sensation! Whenever you order one or more bottles of any Olio & Spices product from the Carolina Sauce Company online store, we'll send you 6 pages of free recipes (with photos!) and cooking tips, including:

*Chili Caramelized Salmon, made with Pomegranate Teriyaki Sauce

*Cheese & Figs Appetizer, made with Barbecue Fig Sauce

*Chicken Stew Celebration, made with Lemon & Mint Chili Sauce

*Beef Tenderloin Roasted in Red Wine Onion Sauce

...and more!

"Respect your taste" and gratify your desire for wholesome, delicious and easy to prepare meals by adding Olio & Spices sauces to your pantry. You can order each flavor individually from the Carolina Sauce Company, or save some money and order all 5 flavors at one time!

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