Thursday, November 13, 2008

Simple Sweet & Sour Shrimp Stir-Fry

I came up with this sweet and tangy stir-fry a couple of weekends ago when I had a craving for sweet and sour shrimp, but didn't want to get it from a restaurant where the shrimp would be battered and fried. My version is healthier, and I think it's tastier, too! I confess that I didn't measure any of the ingredients but instead "eyeballed" the proportions, keeping in mind that I was cooking for two hungry adults. Feel free to adjust the proportions to your tastes and needs.

2 to 3 bell peppers (I used 1 red, 1 yellow and 1 orange, but any combo or green bell peppers would work)
1 to 2 medium/large onions, cut into wedges (I used 2 medium sweet onions)
2 to 3 cloves garlic, minced
Optional: 1 to 2 hot peppers, minced (I used 2 fresh cayenne peppers)
Fresh or frozen (thawed) shrimp, peeled & deveined
Peanut or vegetable oil for stir-frying
Cashew halves (I used salted, you can use unsalted)
Tony's Birdland Sweet & Sour Wing Sauce

Heat the oil to medium-high in a wok or large frying pan. Add the onions and stir-fry until translucent. Add peppers and garlic, stir-fry until peppers soften. Add shrimp and stir-fry until they start turning pink. Pour in enough Tony's Birdland Sweet & Sour Sauce to coat everything, toss in the cashews, and continue to stir-fry until the shrimp is done (be careful not to overcook!), adding more Sweet & Sour Sauce if desired (I like it pretty saucy so that the rice will soak up some of the sauce). Serve immediately over steamed rice, or over Asian noodles, or just "as is" for a low carb meal.

Zestfully yours,

PS: All three flavors of Tony's Birdland wing sauces are currently on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company online store!

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