Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tortuga Sweet Heat Pepper Sauce

The sunny island of Barbados sends us Tortuga Sweet Heat Caribbean Pepper Sauce, a pleasantly spicy, sweet-tangy gem of a hot sauce. While this tasty hot sauce is made with a tradtional mustard base and Caribbean Scotch Bonnet peppers, the addition of tropical Carambola (star fruit) provides a uniquely delicious fruity twist. The texture is thick and rich, the color is a beautiful deep orange-red, and the heat level is on the medium side of hot, all of which makes Tortuga Sweet Heat Pepper Sauce a very approachable and enjoyable table sauce and condiment. I like it on burgers, grilled meats and seafood, and it's also terrific on hot dogs and grilled sausages. You can also add Tortuga Sweet Heat Caribbean Pepper Sauce to recipes like meat loaf, raw ground meat for burgers, and gravies for roast chicken or turkey. And of course, it's fabulous on Caribbean fare. If you want to try a fruit hot sauce that's out of the ordinary and won't scorch off your taste buds, get some Tortuga Sweet Heat Caribbean Pepper Sauce while it's on sale at the Carolina Sauce Company.

Zestfully yours,


  1. Just placed my first order with Carolina Sauce Company. We returned from one week in Negril, Jamaica and now I'm loving jerk chicken.

    I ordered the Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning.

    Have you previously posted a jerk chicken recipe?

  2. Hi Mel,

    Many thanks for your order! I'm glad you got "hooked" on jerk chicken during your trip to Jamaica. It's good stuff! I'm pretty sure I haven't posted a jerk chicken recipe. Usually I just slather the chicken (or fish, or whatever I'm jerking) with a good jerk paste like Walkerswood, or marinate in a good jerk marinade or sauce like Walkerswood, Pluto's or Tortuga's or whichever specific spice blend or heat level I'm in the mood for. If it's chicken, I marinate overnight in the fridge. For fish or shrimp, just 30 minutes to 2 hrs. Then, I grill, broil, bake or crockpot. FYI, you can also use jerk on meats and game - just make sure to marinate 24 hrs in the fridge for best results.

    If you have a jerk chicken recipe you'd like to share on my blog, please do feel free to do so!

    Thanks again for shopping with us, and for reading my blog. You should receive your sauces in the next few days.

    All the best,