Friday, July 16, 2010

Big Bob Gibson White BBQ Sauce

Alabama is famous for its unique mayonnaise-based white barbecue sauce, and local lore says Big Bob Gibson originated this sauce back in 1925. Today, his grandkids continue the tradition at the acclaimed Big Bob Gibson's Restaurant in Decatur, AL, and folks come from near and far to devour their delicious BBQ chicken and pork slathered in Big Bob Gibson's Original White Bar-B-Q Sauce. Once virtually unheard of outside of Alabama, white BBQ sauce has gained a nationwide following thanks to TV food shows and celebrity chefs demonstrating the many uses of this creamy, tangy and peppery sauce. If you've never tried white barbecue sauce, or if you're already a fan and wish you could enjoy it at home, I have good news: The Carolina Sauce Company now proudly offers Big Bob Gibson's Original White BBQ Sauce on our Southern Foods page.

I admit that I was skeptical about white barbecue sauce until I tried it a few years ago. Although I still tend to prefer vinegar or tomato based sauces on pulled pork BBQ, I must confess that I'm now a convert to white BBQ sauce when it comes to chicken and seafood, and especially fish. The results are juicy, succulent and flavorful without overwhelming the natural flavor of poultry or seafood. Use Big Bob Gibson White BBQ sauce as a marinade for your favorite meat or poultry (especially chicken or turkey), baste with more sauce towards the end of grilling or cooking, and then serve with some sauce on the side for dipping or pouring at the table. If using white barbecue sauce with fish or other seafood, you don't need to marinate first - simply dip the raw fish or seafood into the sauce and then cook while basting with more sauce. Big Bob Gibson's White Bar-B-Q Sauce is also excellent as a table sauce or dipping sauce with all sorts of grilled, broiled, roasted or fried foods, and also with chicken wings, raw veggies (crudites), and even poured on baked potatoes instead of using sour cream or butter. Mix some of this tasty sauce into mayo-based salads like coleslaw, potato, egg, tuna or pasta salad to add some zip, or use it as a tangy salad dressing over greens and other vegetables. One taste of Big Bob Gibson's award-winning sauce and I'll bet you'll jump on the Alabama white BBQ sauce bandwagon too!

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